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What is the best and easiest business to start?

Or Why Start a business at all?

First of all, I am suggesting an internet business! 

Why you ask – Easy answer – You do not need a business license from the city, county, or state in which you live.

You simply purchase a website, or choose a domain name, find a host and develop a website.  There are many website builders that require no coding.  

Then you select products you wish to sell or create new products or purchase items with PLR (Private Lable Rights), or MRR (Master Resale Rights) or provide online services which can be easily sold.

You can easily work by yourself, but if you need help there are many outsourcing websites which offer huge technology advances for very reasonable fees, without paid holidays, without health insurance hassles, and most of all no withholding requirements.

The next benefit is much of your space and equipment and some of your related travel expenses are deductible against your income, not just your internet income, but all of your income. 

If you wish to be a stay at home mom or dad, this business will afford you the luxury of doing just that and still have some income while watching the kids.

Home business

Next benefit If you spend a lot of time on social media, this will provide you an excellent way to boost your website and retain contact with your friends and others.

•    What do I have to know before starting a business?

You need to be breathing and have the ability to exercise good judgment, and discipline to set goals for yourself and keep them.
•    What sort of business would it be a good idea for me to start?

As I said above an internet business that has a website and products that you feel good about
•    What sort of skill do I have to begin my business?

You need to read and write.  It would help if you are a good communicator and a fast learner. 
•    What are my main objectives?

Your main objectives might be to replace a job, or to make a living with the least amount of hassle, or even to stay at home with kids and help support the family with very little investment.

Author: Larry Newman, serial entrepreneur, has had a multitude of businesses from manufacturing, retail, bookstore, truck washing, divorce mediation, several printing businesses, real estate, fundraising, and about 300 or so websites.  I am retired since 2001, and I began with the websites then, and have tried everything.  Web sites are by far the easiest low hassle business.  My big problem is I am too scattered to do a good job with any one website.  My advice to you is to find a website you really like and are willing to focus on, pick up a few ebooks on subjects you can get behind and learn the subject matter very well. There are many websites that offer free tutorials on everything you need to know to get started.  First design a business plan, pick a website designer, then get your domain name, then pick a good hosting company. This author's bio is actually helping me to monetize this website by adding affiliate links into the text that takes you to some of the great websites that are sponsoring me.  Check them out, and here are a few more! Here is a link where you can get great themes and templates for your website.  More tutorials are here for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  I could go on and on, but this will give you a great start to your own internet business.

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