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What Do the New Facebook News Feed Changes Mean To You?



Facebook has announced it will be giving its News Feed a new look. The new focus has several main components that can have huge implications for businesses, marketers and their Facebook Pages.

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said during the press event that "the stories around you deserve to be displayed with more than just text." And "How we're all sharing is changing and the news feed needs to evolve with those changes. This is the evolving face of news feed."

Highlighting Some Major New Features:

Much Larger Images: With photos now making up about 50% of the news feed stories Facebook is putting more emphasis on images.

The new focus is on how visual content and stories are displayed in the news feed using images along with mobile inspired design and being consistent across devices.

A new larger feed stream with a cleaner, easier to navigate design will replace the narrow view of the past.

Introduction of the Follow Feed: The Follow Feed is a new feed and can be accessed in the right-side bar on under users' choices of different feeds. Users now have access to more types and choices of feeds, and have more control over how those feeds are displayed.

Users can even subscribe to different types of feeds, including feeds from all friends, close friends, music, photos, games and those who a user "follows." Even a chronological view will be available.

Right now it remains to be seen how this will affect promoted stories or the impact it may have on brands and pages.

New "Like Page" Format: Another huge visual change will be when a user Likes a Facebook Page, friends will see a much larger image of the Facebook Page including the Page's profile picture and cover photo.

This larger visual image will draw much higher engagement with fans friends.

Mobile Consistency: The new news feed design was mobile inspired, switching to a bigger consistency between the mobile apps for phones, tablet, and web experience, adding a new side navigation bar for more white space.

With more users accessing Facebook from mobile devices than ever before, Facebook focused on making the overall experience almost exactly the same on any device regardless of the platform.

When will Facebook's News Feed Changes be Released?

Facebook said that the new changes would be available in limited release. You can access the new News Feed at

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