Huge Amazing Changes for Seymour Products.

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Changes to As we mentioned in the last 3 weeks that we are completely changing our SeymourProducts company – As you might see in checking some of our recent posts WordPress Plugins and Themes.  We are learning and planning the “new” business plan by the seat of our pants. So we expect it to be completed by the end of September, however, I will keep all of you posted of our progress each week.  And for those of you that follow us here, we will be offering some amazing programs for bulk wholesale products once the website is complete, but for now, we are offering superior deals as we publish each new product – Check out the Digital Shop tab in the Menu in Products and Services As you look through the “new” site feel free to contact me and I will answer each suggestion or comment personally.  […]

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More Improvement in Digital Products Quality Listings

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WELL, IT IS SLOWLY COMING – MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT TO THE SEYMOUR PRODUCTS WEB SITE You will need to watch and wait for these amazing changes. First, we are changing the website to run all of our over 5000+ eBooks, plus all related eBooks categories exclusively on this site – the other items are moving to this former blog site and it shall become – It will no longer be a blog site, however, the older blog posts will still be available. Second, we are changing this website to be the main digital product website including the eBooks and VERY wholesale pricing on most items.  So it shall become a one-stop website for all the digital Products as well as the eBooks – So one site to go-to for all of your digital products Third, our plans call for these categories to be set up to distribute the […]

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How to use Tutorials to Enhance your Business

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This could be a Long Story, but I will keep it Short! It all began about 2002, about 1 year after I retired from a myriad of businesses.  I found my first website for sale a classified ad site – but I knew nothing about websites or hosting or HTML or anything – so when I encountered a problem I would immediately go to to see if someone had recorded a video on how to fix my problem. That is how it started, and now I have accumulated almost 300 websites, and I am completely self-taught mostly using tutorials. I have several Tutorial websites and as I near my 80th birthday, I would like to retire again, so in keeping with that goal, I am including links to some wonderful tutorial websites that I own, and would entertain a discussion on selling them as I barely have time to use […]

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