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Traffic Exchange: What Exactly Is It and How Does It Works



Traffic Exchange is a service you can join to generate free traffic to your site.  How does it work?  You view other members' web pages in exchange for having your own web page viewed.

There Are Two Main Types Of Traffic Exchanges – Manual Exchanges And Auto Exchanges.

A manual exchange: requires a real human being to view the web page and click on a link to proceed to the next web page.

An auto exchange: can be left running in your web browser and will automatically refresh to a new web page.
Although both of these methods will bring hits to your website.

The auto exchange user who leaves their computer on all night, surfing web pages while they sleep is unlikely to buy your product.

To find a current list of the most productive traffic exchanges, visit Traffic Hoopla who reviews and ranks the major traffic exchanges on a weekly basis.

Traffic Exchange The Benefits

There are many benefits participating in Traffic Exchanges:

1. They’re an inexpensive – often free – method of generating targeted traffic to your website.

2. You will start seeing an increase in traffic almost immediately. No waiting for weeks or months to see results, as is often the case with other forms of advertising.

3. They can be a great way to test ad copy for use with other, more expensive forms of advertising such as Pay Per Click campaigns.

4. You can build a “downline” by referring others, which allows you to more quickly earn credits. Over time your traffic can be almost entirely generated by the efforts of others.

5. You’ll gain exposure to your competitor’s products and services, which will give you some good ideas for promoting your site.

Traffic Exchange How It Works

Different Traffic Exchanges work in different ways, in general though they all offer a free or paid version. Depending on which option you choose, you will be eligible to receive a certain number of credits when you surf other member’s sites and when you refer people who join.

Almost all of them also allow you to build a downline of members you’ve referred. Often your downline can extend several levels deep so that as people you refer in turn refer others, you continue to gain more and more credits.
Some Traffic Exchanges also pay out cash incentives when the people in your downline upgrade their membership or purchase other forms of advertising that the Traffic Exchange offers such as banner ads.

This gives you several ways to benefit from participating in the Traffic Exchange.

When deciding which Traffic Exchange program to join, there are several features to consider:

1. Credit Ratio – All Traffic Exchanges allow you to earn credits in exchange for viewing other member’s web pages. Look for one that provides a good return on the number of credits you receive for each page you view.

2. Time Limits – When surfing for credits, most traffic exchanges require you to view a site for a minimum amount of time before you earn a credit, this is normally somewhere between 10 and 30 seconds.

The longer you have to view a page means the slower you can surf, but it also means longer that potential customers view your pages.

3. Anti-Cheat Mechanisms – To ensure that a real person is viewing your web site most Traffic Exchanges use anti cheating mechanisms.

This usually means that instead of clicking a “Next Site” button you have to click on a specific graphic such as a number, letter, picture or coloured icon from a selection of a few, to proceed to the next site.

Repeated failure to do this correctly means account suspension or termination. Look for a Traffic Exchange with a system like this to ensure that your credits are not wasted on cheaters who never view your page.

4. Referrals – This is the fastest way to build up your credits. Most Traffic Exchanges provide you with referral pages and banners.

You can use these materials to recruit your downline, when someone signs up from your promotional web page or banner they are placed in your downline.

5. Paid/Pro Memberships – Most Traffic Exchanges offer paid memberships as well as free memberships, normally a paid membership earns you privileges such as an allocation of credits per month plus an increased number of credits for your own surfing and the surfing of your downline. Most exchanges also allow you to purchase extra credits.

6. Bonuses – Many Traffic Exchanges will give you bonus credits for signing up, for surfing a certain number of pages, or for winning competitions or sweepstakes. Look for ones that provide added bonuses and accumulate credits even faster!

By Hakim Allaki


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