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Top 10 Monetization Techniques for Your Blog



Developing a blog and gaining a reasonably large readership is no easy feat. For most bloggers who have achieved it, the efforts and time invested needs to be justified by a reward in the form of a stable income.

If you are also looking for ways to monetize your blog, here are top 10 ways to do so:

1. Affiliate marketing

The trend of using affiliate marketing to monetize a blog is on a rise these days.  The hardest part of affiliate marketing is to convince the users to buy the product which can be accomplished by writing true reviews of the product and then providing affiliate links to the stores where they can be bought from. You earn from the commission that the store owner agrees to give.

2. Banner ads

Banner ads have emerged as the main source of earning for many bloggers. Income from banner ads is a must have if you want your blog to earn a reasonably handsome amount. Sign up for a good cost per impression network and you are good to go!

3. Sponsored posts

Once your blog reaches a certain level of popularity, you will be approached by people to put posts about their products on your blog. If your blog specializes in a particular niche, you enhance the chances of people flocking around your blog offering decent amount of money.

4. Sponsored content widgets

If there is some space left on your site, placing a sponsored widget there is a good option. They mainly work on cost per click model and are a good way to pocket some extra bucks.

5. Products reviews

If your blog attracts a lot of audience, there are more than fair chances of you being approached to put some product reviews which are related to your niche. To ensure continuous inflow of such offers, it is recommended that you keep the quality of the content on the blog high. Companies that ask you to put product reviews will throw some money in your pocket along with freebies too.

6. In-text ads

In-text ads are a good way to place an ad without consuming giant space which a banner usually does. Such in-text ads are integrated automatically in the related words of your article and you get paid whenever a visitor clicks or even hovers over words of the advertisement.

7. Sell your own products

Another good way to monetize your blog is to sell your own products. If you have an established blog, you would already be ready with an e-mail list of your loyal subscribers. All you need to do is mail an e-book, video or a podcast of your product to your subscriber's list.

8. Direct ad selling

Direct ad selling removes the middleman and raises your earnings from a sale.  Since you contact the advertiser directly, you have better price and ad control.

9. Podcast

A podcast involves getting a series of sponsored voice/audio, ePub or PDF files which can be streamed online or downloaded from your blog. It is an upcoming trend and also a great way to earn money if you have listeners who will listen to the podcast. Through a podcast, you can give tricks, tips and answers to questions of the viewers to gain more viewer attention.

10. Paid services subscription

You can charge a subscription to access your members-only area for discussions.  You can also integrate forum subscription besides offering coaching to your members on your niche for a certain amount of money.

These 10 tips can go a long way in furthering your plans of generating revenue from your blog.  As a blog owner trying to monetize the blog, make creativity and imagination your guiding factors and success shall be yours.

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