The New Year is often a time to turn over a new leaf – and if you want to increase your website’s traffic, then you are going to have to start building links. You may have never heard of link building before, but don’t worry; that is exactly why we wrote this article. We are going to take you through what link building is, how it can greatly benefit your website, and then teach you seven killer link building strategies that you should start using in 2015 and beyond.

So, what is link building?

Put very simply, link building is when you increase the number of links to your website that are situated in someone else’s website. For example, if someone writes a blog praising your website and then ends the piece with a link to your website, that is increasing the number links leading to your business. Similarly, if someone posts a snippet about your website on Twitter, or on Facebook, that is again building up your overall link profile. The links themselves are called backlinks, and increasing their number online is a process called link building.

What are the benefits of link building?

For starters, the more links that lead to your website, the more chances Internet users around the world have to find you. It is estimated that with each new backlink created by a link-building strategy, you have the potential to reach another 1,000 people – or potentially even more. Search engines such as Google also look more highly on websites with a greater number of high-quality backlinks. When you realize just how much your potential readership could grow, then you start to see just how critical it is to implement powerful link-building tactics.

How can I do it?

The secret is out. Here are the seven killer link-building strategies that we happily share with you:

  1. Start guest blogging. This will allow you to post a backlink to your website on another site, leading more people to your own. Make sure you pick a popular blog that many people will visit, and one with topics similar to yours. What if you can’t find or build relationships with sites? That’s when you need a professional provider to give you better backlinks.
  1. Create a Twitter account. Here you can post links to your website repeatedly. Although you will have to gain some followers first, which can be tricky.
  1. Set up Google Alerts. If you have a company name that you are proud of, you can set up a special alert system with Google that will inform you if anyone uses the same name – and you can then ask them to include a backlink to your website.
  1. Write video transcripts. These can take forever, but if you find a popular video on YouTube that has a link to your website, you can pen the transcript and then offer it free to the person who made the video. Just remember to include a backlink.
  1. Make an infographic. These can be difficult for those who aren’t familiar with creating electronic graphics. On the other hand, if you are, you can then put in your backlink and post it to a website such as Reddit.
  1. Find out where your images are being used. You can do this through a Google search, Next, although this is time consuming, you should e-mail the website, and ask it to reference you through a backlink.
  1. Write something amazing. As result, online magazines might want to write about your site, and you can ask them to include a backlink.

Is link building difficult?

The only problem with link building is that it can get incredibly complicated, and it can take up a large amount of your time. When you are already spending a lot of effort on ensuring that your website reaches your highest standards, you do not always have time to spare for anything else. Another problem is that the Internet moves very quickly – it’s too difficult to keep up with on your own. Even while you slumber, the Internet is changing and evolving. That means that keeping up with your link-building strategy can soon turn into a full-time job. The good news is some companies that can do this for you the are listed in below:

  1. Rank Experts (Link building, site analysis and more)
  2. Build Niche Links (Link building perfected)
  3. Vertical Measures
  4. SEO Smart Links

Now you can see the incredible power that link building can bring to your website — but, you can also see just how much hard work it can be to get established. That is why we truly believe that going to a professional link building service is the best way to achieve your objective of increasing site traffic. A professional link building company will not only understand these killer strategies, but will have insider knowledge on exactly the best way to go about them. Each industry will be different, but only a professional link-building service can cover them all. Make your New Year’s resolution now, and start talking about how you can boost your website visitor numbers with a reputable professional link building service provider.

About the Author:
Katrina Manning is part of the Content Marketing team at RankExperts. Her writing and editing services have been in demand for the last six years, and she has contributed to a variety of websites and publications. She enjoys covering SEO strategies, tech, business and lifestyle.


Written by Larry Newman