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Social Media: It’s Not a One-Night Stand



Social media by its very name implies it’s social. It’s out and about, it’s being where you want to be, being where the people are you want to be seen with… It’s all about being seen!

So let’s take that personal social and put it into business social:

1. You need to be out and about…get out there and set up your social site
2. Being where you want to be… find where your target audience is
3. Being where the people are you want to be seen with…connect and engage on the social sites your target audience is on

But all too often you see businesses and practices setting up their social media site, make a post or two, then they abandon their sites and later they go around downing social media saying it “doesn’t work”.

Gary Vaynerchuk, Best Selling Author of CRUSH IT and THE THANK YOU ECONOMY, relates social media to being more like a marriage, not a one-night stand.

What does a ‘one night stand’ social media site look like? You’ve seen them:

1. You visit their site and the last time they posted anything was weeks or even months ago
2. People have commented on the site’s posts but there hasn’t been any response to the comments
3. Their last post was wishing you a Merry Christmas and you’re in the middle of summer
4. You may be posting frequently, but your site hasn’t been updated to the new features
(hint: Facebook)

Social media takes time to build. One of the first commitments you have to make is to be in it for the long haul. It is not going to be something that you just throw up your social site and think it’s going to be “social” on its own.

This mean it’s something you’re going to have to work at in order to make it successful.

Understand social media has changed forever the way consumers do business. There’s no turning back. It’s no long business as usual. It’s a new way of life and a new way of doing business.

In order for your business or practice to survive and be completive you have to be able to think outside the box and use new social technologies and engagement practices.

How can you make sure your site doesn’t look abandoned?

1. Take a look at ALL your social media platforms– are they up to date and using the new features
2. Check all your profile images – do you need an updated profile
3. Check your bio’s – is the information current
4. Make sure you are posting daily on a consistent basis

Always respond to any comments that are made

Social media is all about being active, connecting, and engaging. It will take some time to build your social platforms, just as it takes time to build a business. But as with anything worth having…if you stick to it, work it, and be committed to it, you will see results!

If you’re wondering about all these changes or have any questions, download this FREE Exclusive Special Report: Marketing In A Social World .

Want to know more?

Livvie Matthews, a 30 year dental office professional, provides Social Media and Internet Marketing solutions for businesses and practices that see the value of social media, they have plenty of content but don’t have the time to manage social media. She is passionate about helping service professionals learn to DRAW clients and patients into their space using the incredible power of the Social Media and Internet Marketing!


Visit Livvie at: http://www.SimpleSocialMedia.TV


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