So You Want to Have a Website?

How do you get your first website?

What exactly are the steps and the different ways to have your own website.

  1. First you need an idea, a passion, a hobby, or a niche that you would like to share with the world.
  2.  How to find niches using Google Trends (FREE Tutorial)
  3. Then you can create your own info product from public domain works (FREE Tutorial)
  4. Now you have an idea, and a product. So you will need a Domain Name for your website.
  5. How to set up a domain name and hosting (FREE Tutorial)
  6. You will want your domain name to have a keyword that represents your main topic.
  7.  How to find long tail keywords (FREE Tutorial)
  8. Now you are ready to go – So you need a website, established (that you purchase) or a script (that you purchase), or a niche blog (that you purchase). The script is the least expensive, but requires the most learning for the beginner.
  9. Then you upload your website to the host How to upload files to your hosting account (FREE Tutorial).
  10. Then with tweaking and addition of affiliate advertising, or a product you wish to sell You will have the start of a very interesting and fun business.

    Make money

    Then comes the Marketing of your Website.  – This is a story for another day, but one of the best products to market is ebooks that have MRR (Master Resale Rights) so you have the right to sell them anywhere you want.  PLR (Private Label Rights) you can have the rights to sell the books and even show yourself as the Author. and many more ebook rights (as explained in a previous post).  NOTE: the FREE Tutorials are automatically downloaded to your computer for viewing at your leisure.

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Written by Larry Newman

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