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Small Business Marketing with Article Directories



One of the best, free small business marketing methods is creating written content, like a blog post. And submitting that content to article directories used to be the be-all end-all of online marketing a few years ago.

Not so much today. Why? Google’s algorithm updates (PANDA and PENGUIN) sort of ruined that for a lot of content creators and marketers.

Content syndication isn’t just submitting to article directories anymore. You have to do a lot more with content than just article writing if you want your small business marketing to pay off.

Today, there’s really only one place to submit your articles that will get you some solid traffic and the chance that your content will get republished on other blogs and websites.

And that’s Why?

They’ve set the bar high for article marketers and they just don’t accept anything. After Google slapped down a lot of article directories for spam and junk content, EZA made some strict changes to their submission criteria. Your article must be A-One to be accepted into their directory.

Back in the day, it was advised to new marketers to write just about anything, at least 350 words, and submit the articles to as many directories as possible.

And then article spinning took hold and a lot of cheesy writers took the easy way out and started cranking out a lot of junk. Their articles didn’t make any sense, and lower end article directories accepted them anyway.

Those were the sites that got hit the worst by Google. Ezinarticles stayed on top though, and still remains as the best article directory to use for syndicating your content.

And they’ve made it easier for bloggers to use their system too!

     1. Install WP SEO by Yoast on your WordPress blog. This plugin will automatically check your post for proper search engine optimization.

     2. Install the free Ezinartciles WordPress plugin and set it up with your EZA account information.

     3. Create your blog post, make sure you get the “green light” with the SEO plugin, and publish it on your blog first.

     4. Immediately reformat the post to adhere to EZA’s policies. By reformat, I mean remove any hyperlinks and images, and remove any references to affiliate or network marketing companies that you’re involved with.

The cool thing about the plugin is that it will validate your post first before you can submit it, but the plugin may miss specific MLM or affiliate program names, so make sure you’ve removed them yourself.

As for any other article directories out there, I stopped using all of them except Ezinearticles, and concentrate more on syndicating my content via social media sites.

Share Your Content Automatically-Right from Your WP Dashboard

I use the Jetpack WordPress plugin and activate the Publicize feature. This automatically shares my blog post with Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr.

Once the post is published, I manually share it to StumbleUpon and Pinterest.

The bottom line is, you need to think beyond article directories today for your small business marketing plan. Think social media and video and that should round out your marketing campaigns.

Article by Karen Musselman of


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