WordPress Website Management


Protect your WordPress websites and keep them updated for only $19.95 each per month.  Cancel anytime, and save yourself hours and hours of mundane work!


Guaranteed Safe Checkout

Keeping your WordPress website and all its plugins and themes updated is very important.

Using outdated plugins on WordPress can make your website vulnerable and is an open invitation for hackers to hack your website. It is always necessary for you to keep your website secure. WordPress is getting better day by day. In order to get the best out of your WordPress website you always need to keep it updated to the latest version and to be compatible with that latest version, you would need to update all of your plugins as well. Plugins release their updates quite frequently. Most website owners hire webmasters or some web development companies to manage their websites and keep them secure, updated, and backed up. But now we can offer that service to our customers for a very low price of $19.95 per month.

What we will do for you?

  1. We will keep your WordPress updated
  2. We will keep all your plugins updated
  3. We will keep all your themes updated
  4. We will check for and remove broken links.
  5. We will take a daily incremental backup of your website every day
  6. We will scan weekly for malware.
  7. Monthly Website Report (We will provide you a detailed report of your website every month. The report will be about Google Analytics, Google Page Speed, Plugins Updated during the month, Number of Backups, and Number of times your website is scanned to protect from malware )

So keep your website updated, Backed up, and Secure for $19.95 per month only and get a monthly comprehensive report about your website for free as well.

We will Charge a $35 setup fee for the first time only. A $35 setup fee will be added automatically at the time of checkout.

We will add the following plugins at startup because we require them to manage and update your site.

  1. Google Analytics
  2. Google Safe Browsing- Ithemes Security
  3. WordFence
  4. Malware Scan
  5. Infinite WordPress
  6. WP Time Capsule

Note: We will update all free plugins and licensed plugins.  If a license is required – you will be notified.