Let us help you become GDPR Compliant

Since the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) policy for the EU determined that every website working in the EU must be GDPR compliant. We have been helping companies across the world become compliant. We will make your WordPress website GDPR Compliant, so you will not have to worry about the new regulations. Legally written Policies are verified.

We will do that for you for just $40 only


Organizations that are not compliant could now face hefty fines.

GDPR is in effect since 25th May 2018, and everyone will need to comply with the following;

  1. Right of Erasure.
  2. Personal Data Access.
  3. Pseudonymous (encrypted data)
  4. Cookies consent
  5. Breach notification
  6. Data portability

We have dealt with both the complex as well as the straight forward GDPR compliance challenges, so regardless of your needs we have worked with some of the best businesses and have helped them to become compliant.

What you will get;

Cookie Policy
Covering your use of cookies.

Privacy Policy
Covering all your site functionality, enabling you to contact any potential customers with no restrictions.

Contact Form Compliance

We will add an “accept terms and conditions” checkbox to your contact forms.

Cookie Acceptance Bar

We will add a cookie acceptance bar asking visitors to accept cookies policy

Web Security
To protect access to data and systems
GDPR is the legal reason (for data capture) – showing the legal basis for storing data on the website.

More Information:

Check the entire problem and requirements on Wikipedia.com