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7 Techniques for Successfully Outsourcing SEO and Link Building



Despite popular belief, working for yourself and managing your own team of link builders and SEO specialists can turn out to be quite the burden. Even so, following some basic rules and implementing a few techniques can provide much needed effectiveness and boost productivity for your team. By following these 7 helpful techniques, you can be sure to manage your team effectively and succeed in your objectives.

Paying Extra for that Extra Mile:

The value of your team is determined by the quality of their performance. If you do not wish to compromise on it, pay them more than what competitors are offering. It will benefit you in the long run as your team will be more inclined to establish a long term relation by offering high quality work.


Invest in Your Team’s Training

Acquiring capable employees, even freelancers can be a challenging task. As such individuals are already in short supply in the job market, choosing to invest in training the skillset of prospective freelancers is a smart move to ensure that your team will be loyal to you and capable of handling their work with finesse.

Micromanaging Isn’t the Way to Go

The objective of establishing a team is to divide the work accordingly, so micromanaging defeats this purpose entirely. Learn to trust in your team and let them handle their work. If they are succeeding, then intervention is not required and if they are failing, either train them or discontinue their services.


Learn to Live with Loss

Losing money and resources is all a part of life, so don’t get hung up on them. Assembling and training a team requires patience and investment of both training and monetary resources, which either ends up in paying off or in failure. But by doing so, you are filtering out potential candidates who will be productive employees in the future.


Expect the Unexpected

Life is full of surprises, so expect turbulences such as sick leaves, family issues, late work or ups and down in performance of team. Permit a certain degree of leniency for your team and treat them as human beings, not just a workforce of investable assets. They will be more inclined to go beyond their capabilities for you in the future to return the favor.

Let Your Team Build Itself

Your team is the best resource to turn to when it comes to hunting for talented prospects since they are updated about the job market and other resources who are looking for work. They will be careful with their choices because it reflects upon their reputation, so replying on their selection is a safe option. Compared to many SEO solution providers, Marketing Wind has professional marketing staff that knows the importance of synergy and teamwork when it comes to collective contribution.


Timely Payments

One of the most important techniques for a happy team is to make sure they receive their dues on time. After all, they are not working for free and at the end of the month everyone is looking for a nice deposit in their banks. Timely deposits reflect responsibility and let the team focus on work rather than overdue deposits.

Building a team requires careful planning, investment and loss so be prepared to endure it all. With your efforts and by following these 7 tips, you will be able to create an effective team capable of handling your work efficiently while producing high quality work.

Written by:  Komal Parveen of


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