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11 Non-Performing Twitter Tips You Need to Know


Social Media Marketing is ripe with tips and tricks of utilizing different platforms to get quick results. Unfortunately, in the haste of learning and soaking up everything the social media offers us, we conveniently forget to fact check every blog or article that we read and end up losing the ability to distinguish fact from fluff. Sometimes these suggested tips and tricks do not work, no matter how hard you try to fit in.

Here are 11 tips about Twitter that you need to undo.

1. One old trick that has been taken up the most on Twitter is to follow someone, just to get his or her reciprocity. Once you follow them, out of sheer courtesy and respect for Twitter party rules, they follow you. You wait for few days until you get a number of followers from the individual's connections and then stop following them. In this quest of increasing your followers, you seldom attract those who actually are interested in clicking your links, engaging with your or becoming your leads and customers. Moreover, once they realise that they have been tricked into following you, you are going to end up a fool with no follower. Instead of playing such games, focus on your organic growth.

2. Growing your business by buying followers is a strict no since it yields no results. Even if you buy a bunch of followers, it is not going to increase your real numbers such as leads, traffic and customers. Hence, focus on making impact with your content and marketing strategy rather than faking it.


3. Hash tagging every tweet you post and crowding it with hash tags to grab eyeballs simply does not work. In fact, keep your tweets simple with just one or two hash tags. According to report, tweets with just a single or two hash tags grab around 21% more engagement than those overloaded with hash tags.

4. Enabling auto mass messages might seem a good idea of starting a conversation with an individual. However, it does not work always since there is no element of personalisation. Since no personal information is used and the message is a mere automated mass message, the person on the opposite feels the same. Stay away from such practice.

5. While social media marketing has taught us to save every search with relevant keyword to your business and use it when striking a conversation, this does not mean scattering your content on the go just because the opposite person has tweeted with a relevant keyword. Instead, a lower form of communication is better suited for first timers. Following them or replying them personally without posting your link is much better. While interjecting conversations with your content does work sometimes do not make a habit or it may backfire.

6. Just because somebody tweeted, your blog post title with your handle does not require you to thank him or her every time every single minute of the day. Of course, you should reply and thank them if they include a personal note or personalized it by taking an effort, but respond only when appropriate.

7. Finding place in social media does mean posting your blog posts, offers and landing pages on Twitter But that does not mean you should post only those. Create your overall posting strategy as such to post other relevant industry blogs, news reads and articles on your Twitter platform too. Finding a balance between the two will only make your presence stronger.

8. While it is important to know at what times your audience is online on Twitter and what time or day works best for your Tweets, sticking to it forever might not work always. Considering that your audience stays in another time zone, it is a good idea to know what time is the best time when your Tweets receive due diligence as these times generally yield more traffic and leads to your business. Some social tools help you find out the right timings for your blog posts.


9. Hover on currently trending topics is a good idea to catch up on what is happening in the world but trying to use those for your long-term Twitter strategy might not. According to Twitter reports, around 17% of the top trending 1000 search terms in Twitter roll over on an hourly basis. So, instead of spending quality time on jumping on a trend, try finding keywords and trends that work best with your set of audience.

10. Different social media platforms follow different posting strategies. Allowing auto-post to other networks just to save your time might not be a good idea. Instead, take out extra time to publish blog posts and articles on each network separately rather than going autopilot.

11. Despite the new Twitter layout getting rid of background designs, some still follow this tip. Just optimize your profile picture and header and you are ready to go. Do not waste your time finding the right background design or image, as you will not be able to use it on the new layout.

These trick and tips definitely need to be un-followed in order to have a greater Twitter success for your business. Contact us to get remarkable twitter marketing strategies for your business!

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