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New Resell eBooks, Trivia & Weekly Specials 1-25-16

Hello Everyone,

We have had some requests to bring back our weekly discounts and specials so starting now we are offering you money-saving weekly specials.  Read about the first discount offer in the new Weekly Special section right after our list of new ebooks.

We have some great new digital products for you this week including how to have better relationships.  Some of the other titles available are Poetry for Children, Webmaster Photo Kit, Dad’s Do-It-Yourself Guide and more.



All the following resell ebooks and other products are just $1.00 each and can be resold at any price.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about any of the products or about getting started with your own successful ebook business.

The Cambridge Book of Poetry for Children (children’s literature)

Dad’s Do-It-Yourself Guide (home and family)

The 21st Century Home Business Shift (internet marketing)

Webmasters Photo Kit (software and scripts)

Better Relationships (romance and relationships)


Weekly Special

Save 25% when you purchase $5.00 or more worth of individual products or ebook kits.  Mix and match single ebooks with your favorite kits to save 25%!

NOTE:  This discount does not apply to our full business or inventory packages.

Use the discount code 25percent when you order.  This code can only be used once so be sure and get all the kits and ebooks you want in one order. 

This discount code will be valid through Friday Jan 29, 2016.


Trivia Challenge

Be the third person to send in the correct answer and win a free ebook of your choice!
Good luck!


Last week’s trivia:

Q: According to doctors, people with what kind of pets fall asleep the easiest?
A: Fish

Thank you to all who played!

This week’s trivia:

Paul Schrader wrote Taxi Driver in five days. It is rumored he had what by his desk for “inspiration and motivation”.


Quote of the Week:

“A lot of people give up just before they’re about to make it. You know you never know when that next obstacle is going to be the last one.”

Chuck Norris


Marketing Quick Tip

Keywords – Many professionals will tell you that keywords are one of the most important factors in successful SEO.  When choosing keywords you need to zero in on your business as much as possible.  For example:  if you sell jewelry, using the word jewelry will more than likely not be enough.  You need to target your products in more detail.  What kind of jewelry do you sell?  What attracts people to your jewelry?  What would you search for when searching for jewelry?  You can find out what keywords people use the most when searching for products by using Google’s keyword suggestion tool. 

DO NOT be too repetitive in your use of keywords.  This is called keyword stuffing and is very much frowned upon by the search engines.  Use a Keyword Density Tool to make sure you have not overused your keywords.


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