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New Resell eBooks, Trivia & New Store is Open 11-17-14


Hello Valued Readers,

I am happy to announce that our new store is now open!

Please check it out and let us know your thoughts.  This store is more
advanced, secure and offers a better browsing and shopping experience for
you.  We still have a bit of tweaking to do but you can shop all you want. 

We now also offer a better complete inventory deal which includes a completely
stocked and loaded WordPress website! For one low price you can get a
complete ebook business with a WordPress website and over 4000 resell

We have a wide variety of new resell products this week including self-help,
education for your preschooler and how to beef up your career skills.  We also
have health and fitness, motivation, adventure, and more!

fashionista stressbusterspreschoolguide

All the following resell ebooks are just $1.00 each and can be resold at any price.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about any of the products or about getting started with your own successful ebook business.

Level Up Your Life (self-help) 

Stress Busters Explained (health and fitness)

Pre-School Guide for Parents (education and homeschool)

Beefing Up Your Career Skills (jobs and career)

Fabulous Fashionista (beauty and fashion)

365 Days of Motivation (inspiration and motivation)

Reclaiming Your Youth (health and fitness)

Christian Faith Healing (religion and spirituality)

eBook Creation Tips and Tricks (make money with ebooks)

Sindbad the Sailor (adventure/western)


Trivia Challenge

Be the third person to send in the correct answer and win a free ebook from
the category of your choice!    Good luck!

Last week’s trivia:

Q: All TV shows except 60 Minutes had this one thing?  What was it?
A: Theme song or music.

This week’s trivia:

Christmas was illegal in the U.S. until 1836.  Why?


Marketing Quick Tip

Partner with Complementary Business – Find a business that works very well
with yours.  Contact the owner and discuss a promotion partnership.  Work
together to advertise and promote each other.  Not only is it beneficial to the
business owners but it helps the customers as well.


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