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New Resell eBooks, Trivia & Keyword Tip 8-17-15


Hello Everyone,

I do apologize for not getting the new ebooks in the store last week!  I had to make an unexpected trip out of town (to the beautiful state of Pa) so I was unable to work on the new products.  I am glad to be back and all the new ebooks are in for this week.  😉

For our new additions this week, we have some great products to help you build your online presence and business.  We have affiliate marketing, how to control your business budget, and building your business with joint ventures.  We also have how to get tons of traffic, social media marketing and much more. 

We now offer several options for you to get started with your own digital product resell business.  We have an option for almost any budget. Check out your options here.

businessbudget  afflandslide  corpsuperiority      

All the following resell ebooks and other products are just $1.00 each and can be resold at any price.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about any of the products or about getting started with your own successful ebook business.

Simple Joint Venture Secrets (internet marketing)

Corporate Superiority Tips (inspiration and motivation)

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The Garden of Eden (religion and spirituality)

Offline Profits Quickstart (business)

Social Media Marketing Revealed (social media marketing)

Affiliate Commissions Landslide (affiliate marketing)

Proven Traffic Mastery (internet marketing)

Online Affiliate Marketing (affiliate marketing)

Business Budget Planning (business)


Trivia Challenge

Be the third person to send in the correct answer and win a free ebook of your choice!
Good luck!

Last week’s trivia:

Q: Most dust particles in your house are made from what?
A: Dead skin

Thank you to all who played!

This week’s trivia:

This week’s trivia came from one of my appreciated subscribers!

From where did the idea of spray paint originate?  You can give me the who or the why or both….


Marketing Quick Tip

Keyword Blunder: Obsessing with One Keyword or Phrase – Do not just use one word or phrase over and over.  Choose several targeted and relevant phrases to sprinkle about your site.  Try to create a balance between target specific and traffic drawing keywords.



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