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New Resell eBooks, Trivia & BOGO Sale 4-4-16


Hello Everyone,

This week’s special is BOGO.  Details are below the list of new ebooks. 
We have some great new digital products for you this week including how to make passive income with Shopify.  Some of the other titles available are Poems of Life, 100 Website Business Models, eMail Profits Formula and more.


100webmodels emailprofits poemsoflife

Most the following resell ebooks and other products are just $1.00 each and can be resold at any price.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about any of the products or about getting started with your own successful ebook business.

Understanding Your Target Market eCourse (ecourses)

Email Profits Formula Videos (video packages)

100 Website Business Models (make money online)

Poems of Life (poems and poetry)

Passive Recurring Income with Shopify (make money online)


Weekly Special


Who doesn’t love a good BOGO sale?  Buy one get one free.  This includes all individual $1.00 products.  

No limit to how many you can get free but you can only use the code once so be sure to get everything you want. 

Use the discount code FREE when ordering.  Good for one order per customer. 

This code will be valid only through Wednesday, April 6.


Featured Product

Migraine Remedies

Are you tired of living with the pain?   These audios can help you learn to manage your migraines. 


Find out how to prevent painful migraines!


Did You Know…

A banana can lower your stress levels.  

Eating one banana can relax your mind and make you feel happier and more peaceful. 



Last Week’s Brain Teaser

Armless with six legs,
I start out small, 
but I can swarm a mountain.
Sometimes I become a man,
but only for a short period of time.

What am I?

Answer: Snowflake

Weekly Brainteaser

What type of words are these: madam, civic, eye, level?

Answer will be in next week’s newsletter. 


Trivia Challenge

Be the third person to send in the correct answer and win a free ebook of your choice!

Good luck!

Last week’s trivia:

Q: What U.S. state has the highest number of tornadoes per year?
A: Texas with an average of 132 tornadoes per year!

Thank you to all who played!

This week’s trivia:

What are the names of the two stone lions in front of the New York Public Library?


Quote of the Week:

“Being young isn't about age, it's about being a free spirit. You can meet someone of 20 who's boring and old, or you can meet someone of 70 who's youthful and exciting. I met Fred Astaire when he was 72 and I was 21, and I fell in love with him. He certainly was a free spirit.”



Marketing Quick Tip

Videos – Over two million people watch YouTube videos each day so getting your marketing video visible to this massive audience will pump up your viral marketing.  You can also post video clips on your site with a well-spoken marketing message or demonstration.  Make it easy for people to pass on your video to their friends and followers.


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