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Mobile Marketing Techniques and Strategies for Business



Mobile advertisements are proven to be very successful in marketing. If you engage an action on the part of the user, like sharing or liking, then the campaign will become more successful.  People use social media more times every day, than any other form of media, and these sites are often accessed from mobile devices like phones, iPads or tablets. If you confine your advertisements to a static environment, you are missing out on the possibility of making your business mobile.

Businesses are missing out on customers if they don't take advantage of mobile marketing techniques. I more than doubled my customers when I used mobile techniques. I made it known to my customers that they could have 10% off further items, if they shared their purchases on social networks like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I knew that the majority of my customers used social networking via their mobile devices and they could engage more people via their networks, rather than if I paid for an advert in a newspaper. Mobile marketing techniques and strategies for business are cheaper than old fashioned marketing techniques. You might be wondering, "What exactly is mobile marketing?" Here are some examples.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is advertising using mobile devices. Types of mobile devices are:

  1. Mobile Phones
  2. iPads
  3. iPhones
  4. Tablets
  5. Laptops

Types of Mobile Marketing Techniques:

Consider some of the following methods when building your mobile marketing campaign:

Banners – When you access a website on your mobile device, there are often banners on the top or the bottom of the site. It is a standard banner and you can click on that banner to take you to the consumer website.

Text Messages – This is when a company sends a text message to your mobile phone giving you a discount in a store or an online store. Be aware that even though this can be used as a method of marketing, a lot of people are often angry when they receive a text message when they haven't specifically signed up to the service. I know that when I get a text message from a company that I haven't specifically asked for, then I usually delete the message without even reading it.

Location Based Advertising – This is done utilizing the GPS technology that is inside your mobile device. This is where an advert or a special offer will pop up on your mobile device when you are in the area where the business is located. This is similar to the way Apple uses reminders in Siri on the iPhone 5. For example, you can ask Siri to remind you to buy an item when you are walking past the shop.

Barcodes – These are the barcodes that you sometimes see on adverts at bus stops or even on items themselves. You can scan these barcodes on your smart phone using an app like ScanLife, which is available on the iPhone, and you are taken to the website or to a special offer. This is the preferred method of mobile marketing for me because it is proactive on the side of the user. It's the user’s choice to see the advertisement, rather than being bombarded with messages.

Messages are very important. If you can't grab your customers’ attention in a few words on a mobile device you will not have a new customer.

Mobile Apps: There are many relatively inexpensive ways to build mobile apps that do not cost more than 100-150 dollars. I recently experimented with purchasing a gig on For 5$ I could not pass up the opportunity to see what this mobile app would look like. It turned out to be a static informational mobile app. It's not in the market right now because I didn't have the extra $50 it was going to take to customize it with my own brand; or the 50$ it was going to take to put it in the market for download. However, this is an inexpensive way to get your name in the market. You could even make it available for download on your blog so people would get push notifications when you publish a new article to your blog. Experiment with it and have your customers pay for the app with a tweet from sites such as, which will also allow you to pay with a Facebook post. There is really only one way to know if it will work or not. If it doesn't work and your analytics don't reflect any downloads over a 6 month period of time stop the campaign and try something different.

Keep a couple things in mind while planning your mobile marketing campaign, especially if you're running a brick and mortar business with one location. Advertising to people 500 miles away probably isn't going to help your business. Make sure that you're marketing locally. On the other hand, if you're an internet business then it doesn't matter where in the world your advertising. Your customers can find you via the internet. These are just some simple methods available in mobile marketing.

You can always hire a mobile marketing company if your budget allows. This is the easiest way to do mobile marketing. If you're going to do it yourself make sure you plan it first. Do your research. Buy a "DIY" mobile marketing book. If you don't you will shoot blindly in the dark at anything that looks good and not end up where you want to be. Set your goals and work one step at a time on getting there.

By Oitancan Mani Zephier "Oi"

Oitancan Mani is a Native American business owner of the social media marketing and SEO blog at Follow Oitancan on Twitter at @OitancanMani.

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