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Make More Money Utilizing These 101+ Ideas Part IV



There are many factors involved when attempting to make money online.  This make more money article series will give you 101+ ideas you can implement into many of these needed components to make your online business a success.  

Part IV, the final installment of the series, covers affiliate marketing, search engine optimization or SEO and customer service.

Affiliate Marketing

1. Stick to a Niche – Find quality products that fit your niche.  Don’t try to sell every product for every affiliate program out there.  Take the time to properly market your niche.

2. Choose Good Programs – Take the time to research affiliate programs before joining them.  You want a good payout, quality products and excellent support. 

3. Personal Recommendation – If you can personally recommend a product, your sales will increase.  It is always easier to sell something you believe in. So, be sure to sell products you would use or have used yourself.

4. Market Seriously – Don’t just throw a banner on your site for your program and think it is going to make a bundle.  You need to actively market the program or product on your blog, newsletter, content, etc.



5. Why Buy Product – Let people know why they should buy the product you are selling.  Explain to them how it would be a solution to their problem.  Don’t just “Buy Now” them to death.

6. Tracking is Important – Track your sales so you know where they came from.  Follow what ads, pages or content people clicked from to make the sale.  Keeping track of what works can help you increase your sales.



7. Be Honest – If you used a product that worked for you let people know.  But, do not make false claim such as, I Made Thousands My First Month, or, This Product Helped Me Lose 100 Pounds.  Tell the truth and let the person know exactly how good the product is without the hype. 

8. Don’t Be Fickle – When you find a good program, stick with it.  Don’t jump to new programs because they sound bigger and better.  You cannot “flit” from one program to the next and expect to be successful.  You chose your original programs for a reason so commit to them and make them work for you.

Search Engine Optimization

1. Know Your Ranking – Keep track of your page rank and standing in the search engines.  Regularly monitor that data and your website stats as well.

2. Internal Links – When posting content on your site, take every opportunity to link back to your other relevant content.  For example: if you write a post about website design and you have text that you can link back to an existing post, be sure to hyperlink that text. You may have noticed that “website design” is linked to another post on my blog.  This is a good way to increase your SEO.



3. Image Alt Tags – Unfortunately the search engine spiders cannot read images.  Therefore, you just add alt tags to their description for the crawlers to read them. 

4. Link Exchanges – Find a selective group of quality blogs/websites and contact the owner.  Ask them if they will exchange links with a small write-up with you.  Do not start linking with every site you can find.  Be selective and link to sites that can actually help your visitors.

5. Relevant Keywords – Sprinkle relevant keywords throughout your text but make sure you have the most relevant in the first few lines.  Do not become so repetitive in your keyword use that your content is no longer making sense or sounds redundant. 

6. Click Here – Try to use your keywords for links as opposed to the ever popular click here.  Your keywords will go much farther for your SEO than “Click Here”.

7. K*I*S*S – Keep It Simple Stupid.  We’ve all heard or seen this acronym. 


Keep it simple in regards to your web design means:

 a) Make your site easy to navigate and use
 b) Do not clutter up your site with a ton of banners, ads, etc.
 c) Avoid flash and frames at all costs as search engines do not like these features.
 d) Do not add music or videos that automatically play when a person lands on your site.  Give them the choice.

8. Keep It Fresh – Make it a habit to regularly update your site with fresh content.  Having a site with old, stale content can kill your SEO efforts. Do not post less than once a week. 

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Customer Service

1. Be Positive – Always use positive language and words. Never say; we can’t get you that product until next week.  Say; your product will be ready next week. 

2. Take Customer Complaints Seriously – Do not dismiss concerns or complaints your customers may have.  Let them know you are willing to work with them to resolve the issue.



3. Thank You – Even if you did not get the sale, always thank the customer and let them know you are ready to help them if they change their mind.



4. Send Personal Greeting Cards or Postcards – Sending a customer or potential customer a birthday or holiday greeting can go a long way towards gaining that person’s patronage.  Little things mean a lot!

5. The Customer is Always Right – Well, the customer is not always right.  Let them know firmly but politely.  Do not emphasize their mistake and let them know it is no problem.


6. Anger and Frustration – If your customer gets anger and/or frustrated, remain calm and assure them the problem can be worked out in one way or another.  If you stay calm, the customer will more than likely start regaining his/her composure as well.

7. Emphasize the Support in Customer Support – Let the customer know how strong your support really is.  Show them that you WILL go the extra mile to help them find a solution.

8. Credibility – Publicize your testimonials to enhance your credibility.  Provide helpful information and resources.  Show your customers that you want to do more than just make the sale.



9. Reward Your Customers – Offer discounts, gift cards, coupons – anything to show your customers you appreciate their business and will continue to provide quality service.

The 101+ ideas given to you in this article series will help you build your business and increase your sales. Start implementing them into your routine today and continue adding more.

But once you have an established customer base, do not lose sight of what got you to that point in the first place.


About the Author:
Terri Seymour has 20 years of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own business.  Now is the time to get started with your own exciting resell ebook business.  Visit now to get three free gifts including The Big Book of Social Media Tips.


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