There are many factors involved when attempting to make money online.  This article series will give you 101+ ideas you can implement into many of these needed components to make your online business a success.

Social Media

1. Check out the competition.  Your competition can tell you a lot about what works in social media.  Take note of their successes and learn from their mistakes.

2. Be selective.  You cannot possibly manage every single social media site.  Choose the few that will do the most for your business and get a plan in action.  Review your goals for your social media and start building.

3. Learn what people respond to the most.  Give them the content they want and react to. 

4. Keep your accounts fresh.  You need to be posting daily for best results.

The infographic below shows how often to post on the top social media sites.


5. Respond to all comments whether negative or positive.  React positively and calmly to negative comments.  Don’t let yourself get dragged into an argument.  If a person gets out of control with bad language or nasty comments and insults deleting them might be the best option.

6. Choose each accounts own unique posts that work best with that site.  Don’t just blanket the same post to all. 

7. Get people involved in conversations.  Ask questions.  Ask opinions.  Encourage people to voice thoughts and ideas. 

8. Listen!  Pay close attention to what people are saying and respond accordingly.  Keep conversations going. 

9. Be aware of social media changes and advancements so you can change with them as necessary.

10. Use hashtags to make your content more prominent and easy to find.

11. People respond to and retain images much more effectively than text so start using infographics.  On many of the social sites, infographics get more shares than any other posts. You can easily make your own.  There are many free tools available to help you get started.

12. Cross-link your social accounts and be sure to make them available on your blog and/or website.

Content Marketing

1. Get visual!  As mentioned previously, people can retain visual information much more effectively than text so use visuals in your posts.  Place infographics within your text for more results. Visual content will invoke more responses.

2. Be original.  It is ok to repost interesting content but make sure you integrate original content as well. Write articles. Create your own infographics and videos.

3. Use sites like to get others to share your content.  Earn points by shoring other people’s content and get your content shared by other people.


4. Add a little fun and humor.  Your content doesn’t always have to be 100% formal business.  Let your personality shine through so people can feel like they know you. 

5. Be aware of what people are looking for and what information they need. Research your target market.

6. Be consistent.  Keep a steady stream of new content to keep your blog fresh and your content marketing alive.

7. Encourage people to let you know what their opinions are on your content.  Spark engagement and get a lively debate going.

8. Don’t try to impress with big words.  Just have a conversation with your readers.

9. Interview experts and ask relevant questions.

10. Share tools, resources and links that may be helpful to others.

11. Switch places with your readers to determine if your content is something you would want to read, share, etc.

Offline Marketing

1. Make your business cards memorable.  Have your card double as a coupon or gift certificate.  Use brightly colored paper to make it stand out.  Don’t forget to take advantage of the space on the back of the card.

Ideas for the back of the card:

   a) Motivational quote

   b) Special sale or discount

   c) Business or other tip

   d) Your newest products/services

   e) Your business motto

   f) Write a personal message

   g) Client testimonials

   h) Ask for referrals

   i) An entertaining (clean) joke

2. Distribute promotional items with your url, such as pens, coffee mugs, caps, etc.

3. Run ads in newspapers.

4. Use postcards to announce new items, offer special deals, promote a special business event or announce your website and what types of products/services you offer.

5. Purchase a car sign or magnet and advertise everywhere you go.  Be sure to have your url on the sign.

6. Get involved in your community and attend events.  Offer donations and help when you can so people will become aware of your business.

7. Check radio stations about placing an ad.  Participate in the discount shopping shows radio stations offer. 

8. Send greeting cards to past, present and prospective customers for the personal touch.


Next week's Part III,  will cover blogging, email marketing and traffic building.

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Written by Larry Newman