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Instagram’s Changes: How to be a Better Marketer



Many businesses have made the smart decision to get on to all the social media outlets. Maintaining and growing a strong social media presence helps a company maintain relevancy and visibility in the marketplace.

But, what happens when Instagram changes its algorithm? When any social media outlet decides to change its algorithms, it's harder for companies to keep their posts visible to their potential customers. With the news of Instagram changing its algorithms, small brands and various companies are scrambling.

Instagram is the fastest growing and most favored out of all the social media outlets. It is incredibly beneficial to maintain visibility on Instagram. The effects of losing visibility can be extremely detrimental. Before throwing in the towel and considering Instagram a lost cause, all hope isn't lost. Consider this change in the algorithms an opportunity to grow and become a better marketer. Try out some of these tactics below and improve your marketing skills on Instagram. 

1. High-Quality Graphics 

While there are a lot of different websites that fall under the umbrella of social media, each outlet is different. Pinterest is not like Twitter and YouTube is completely different than Facebook. In order to gain a good following on Facebook, it's best to tell stories with witty banter. The same doesn't apply to Twitter. Twitter requires short, witty conversation within 140 words. Similarly, Instagram has its own language. In order to experience lots of growth and traction on Instagram, it's vital to have high-quality graphics. With Instagram, a picture really is a worth a thousand words.

Don't forget that within Instagram, the community tends to gravitate toward accounts with beautiful, cohesive feeds. As long as there is a sense of consistency and professionalism with the pictures, people will click the like button and it will get more exposure. One of the other components to remember when dealing with graphics is that the actual feed will tell a story too. When a user finds an account they're interested in, they usually look at the entire feed before making a decision to follow. Make sure the feed tells a story worth sharing. 

2. Frequent Posting 

While it is ideal to find the times that people are Instagram the most, it's also wise to create lots of relevant content and post often. The more relevant content you post on a consistent basis, the more opportunities people will have to be able to find you. Consistent and frequent posts increase visibility. Even though Instagram isn't an on-going conversation with 140 characters like Twitter, it can be a great conversation through pictures.

One of the best ways to manage it all is through planned posts. Schedule and plan the posts in advance. Planning posts helps to make sure that the story is a cohesive one. Another thing to remember with frequent posts is that they should be uniformed. Try to use only one or two filters for all of the posts. While they should be frequent, posts should also be recognizable to a specific brand. This trick will help any brand eventually stand out from the crowd. 

3. Captivating Videos 

Instagram put an interesting feature underneath the videos. Due to the changes, not only will you see how any people liked a video, you will also get to see how many viewed the video. Oftentimes, the views are much higher than the amount of likes. This tells an account holder that people are definitely looking at their account. Even though the amount of likes may be significantly lower than the number of likes, don't allow this to deter you from producing great videos.

Get creative with the filters you use. Consider using subtitling companies to insert subtitles and appeal to a much wider audience. 

Truthfully, there are so many ways to get creative with Instagram marketing. Even though the algorithms will be challenging to get used to at first, it's nothing you can't learn to adjust to. After experimenting with different strategies, it won't be long before you realize which routes to go. 


About the Author:
Greg Dastrup is a world traveler and professional writer with a passion for learning new languages. He’s spent most of his career consulting for businesses in North America.


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