Whether you do have a website or are planning to build a new one, it is in the favor of your business growth that your website has an appealing design as well as flawless functionality. This way your website can perform well on search engines and convert visitors into potential customers as well as make you receive business calls.

But what actually is needed to make significant changes to the design & functionality? The following discussed areas can help you do that;

Content Management System

Today, there are many Content Management Systems which are being used to develop websites of different types. WordPress is considered the most famous & commonly used system all over the world. Following are benefits of WordPress;

– It is extremely helpful to keep things concise on a business website.

– The CMS does not only provide high usability but allows websites to customize to a great extent.

– Has a large community of professionals & developers to assist.

– Provides great support to beginners.


Flash may be your choice but it is definitely not the choice of visitors. Flash videos take too long to load and they are sometimes not compatible with different browsers. Flash does not even perform well on many mobile devices. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should go for an option which is more user-friendly and provides usability & quick loading.


To make the performance of the website better on search engines, it is recommended that your website is clean and contains no errors. There are many tools which are used to fix the code errors with appropriate adjustments such as Google Web Master.

Title Tags

The best way to be visible on Google is to make optimization of Title Tags. If your titles tags are well optimized, it is much easy for Google to read your pages which ultimately increases your website's organic ranking. Once you have a high rank on Google, your website will increase generating business leads for sure.


The best way to make the content of the website effective is to make it optimized. Before optimization, you need to make sure that the content is relevant, full of information and easy to understand. Once you are sure with the relevancy of content, following on-page optimization can make an immense difference;

– Anchor Text Linking

– Header Tags

– Alt Tags

– Title Tags

– Meta Descriptions


The key to make navigation system on your website effective is to develop it in simplest form. Critical instructions make it tough for the users to stay for a long time whereas websites with easy navigation get more conversions.

Contact Information

Your visitors do not have all the time to search for information to contact you. It is extremely beneficial that your contact information is visible and there are no barriers for your customers to contact you whenever they want.


Once you are dealt with all the above areas effectively, your business website will start generating leads for you.

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Written by Larry Newman

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  1. maalik78 Reply

    You can check your website page speed score also on Google page speed test. If you score more than 80 then its fine but if you are below it then you seriously need to make some changes. The test also tells you hat to do to increase score. Mostly it is about css minify and reduce imgae size but once you get a good score you will notice improvement in ranking. Developing an app for your business will also help you to improve performance so look into it too. You can get it from here


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