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Hi there, let me introduce myself to you and share my plans and continuation of the amazing half 0ff Sale (That's right 50%) on all products we have until Christmas day! 

My Name is Larry Newman and I have been a deal shopper forever, and now I have a vehicle which can offer my talent to all of you.  I plan on adding more ebooks, perhaps a freebie section, video training, PLR articles and much more  I am anxious to continue to provide you with a large variety of products and excellent customer service!

Terri has done a wonderful job with this website and I hope to continue with her programs, pricing and customer service.  

I am open to your comments and suggestions and would welcome any ideas or criticisms you might have for improvement.

I am in the process of learning more and more about this terrific website and will slowly restore all of the earlier features of this site as soon as I learn how, but in the meantime, here is the link to half off sale:

Just use the code halfnow to get anything and everything in our store for half price. 

Our complete inventory of over 4800 products is now just $49.99. 

Order this limited time deal here: 


I have added some new products:

 You can still use the code halfnow to get anything and everything in our store for half price until Midnight Christmas>. 








Written by Larry Newman