Buying advertising slots and spreading your ad all over the net won’t do much good if the ad does not get anyone’s attention.  Your ad must motivate people into following the call to action contained within the ad.  Advertising is an art and we need to learn that art to write effective, profit-pulling ads.  If you know some of the proven tips on how to write effective ads, it can make all the difference for your business and advertising budget.

The Importance of the Headline:  The success of an advertisement lies mostly in the headline.  The headline needs to capture the reader’s eye and make him want to read the rest of the ad.  Research shows that five times more people read just the ad headline than the entire ad so you need to make it a good one!

The headline should be centered around the product and what it can do for the customer.   Do not fill your headline with hype.  Make it catchy but do not try to mislead or trick the customer into buying.

For example:    If you are selling a pain relieving product,  instead of this headline:
Painkill Takes Care of Pain

try this headline:
Are You Tired of the Pain – Take Painkill!

Once you write an attention getting headline, you need to focus on the problem of the customer and show them that your product is the solution to that problem.  Use short, concise sentences that get right to the point.  The reader isn’t interested in reading a novel.

For example:

Are You Dealing with Pain?  Painkill is what you need to enjoy your life to the fullest!

The ad needs to motivate the customer to buy your products.  The product is not what sells, what sells is what the product can do for the customer.   Thus, you need to focus on the benefits of the product, not the features.  Always proofread your ad and correct all spelling and grammar mistakes. Your ad needs to be professional!

For example:

Instead of:
Painkill contains this ingredient and that ingredient for more effectiveness!

Try this:
Painkill will free you of your pain!

The last thing your ad needs is a “call to action”.   Don’t assume that the customer will know what to do to get your product.  Always provide a call to action to get them to act now!

For example: 

Call now for a 25% discount on your first purchase.

Order online now at and save $5.00!  
Power Words:  Power words are words that can persuade, entice and motivate people to do what you want them to do.  They are used by politicians, public relations personnel, public speakers, etc.

Some common power words you can use are:  Free, Secret, Proven, Guarantee, New, Innovative, Improved, Save and the word that is listed as the #1 power word is YOU.   You should definitely try to use the word “you” in your headline.   This personalizes the ad and makes it about the individual reader.

So, when writing your ad, remember the following guidelines:

1. Grab their attention with your headline.
2. Focus on the benefits of your product, not the features.
3. Let the customer know how the product can help them.
4. Use power words that can increase the chance of a sale.
5. Motivate them into a call to action NOW!

Following these tips should raise the success of your advertisements, saving you money and increasing your sales!

About the Author:
Terri Seymour has almost 20 years of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own business.  Now is the time to get started with your own exciting resell ebook business.  Visit now to get three free gifts including The Big Book of Social Media Tips.


Written by Larry Newman