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How to use Tutorials to Enhance your Business

This could be a Long Story, but I will keep it Short!

It all began about 2002, about 1 year after I retired from a myriad of businesses.  I found my first website for sale a classified ad site – but I knew nothing about websites or hosting or HTML or anything – so when I encountered a problem I would immediately go to to see if someone had recorded a video on how to fix my problem. That is how it started, and now I have accumulated almost 300 websites, and I am completely self-taught mostly using tutorials.

I have several Tutorial websites and as I near my 80th birthday, I would like to retire again, so in keeping with that goal, I am including links to some wonderful tutorial websites that I own, and would entertain a discussion on selling them as I barely have time to use them any longer.

  1. The first tutorial website is – The name says it all hundreds of the best marketing tutorials all for free!
  2. The next is   Another fine FREE tutorial site covering SEO of all types including WordPress, on page SEO, Google SEO, and more.
  3. The last for today is  . this is a great very technical website that offers users the opportunity to post their own tutorials which may not be found anywhere else.

ebook marketing

Now comes Part 2 of my tale This is where I cleverly direct you to some of our great tutorials on our ebook website  Where you can purchase them for resale or simply use them yourself to learn exactly what you need to learn, and you can purchase them with Resale rights if you want to use them to help you earn your living.  Some examples are:

  1. 30 PLR Video Courses for only $15.

  2. How To Check Your Website Backlinks for only $1.

  3. Advanced WordPress Training for only $5.

  4. 3 PLR Video Tutorials Pack for only $3.

  5. How To Display an Animated Image While Your Site is Loading for only $2

This is just a small sampling of the materials we have on our website, and please forgive me for using this blog to advertise our products, however, I truly believe that there is much material here that will help you to earn a living on the internet, while working at home in your jammies, after sleeping late in the mornings, and watching your business grow.  I will do a much more conventional blog next week

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