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How to Store Old Photos and Preserve Precious Memories

Storing Old Photos

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Your family photos provide you with decades of history and memories. If you are like most people, it would be devastating to lose the memories due to wear and tear or because they are stored improperly.

While this is true, you may face the issue of what you should do with all these old photographs. While you can display some as part of your home décor and put others in albums for coffee-table viewing, what about the other piles of pictures you have lying around? What methods can you use to preserve and store them and the memories they hold?



Here you can learn how to store those paper photos safely to ensure they are preserved for years to come. Keep in mind though, you can also use a service, such as Everpresent to transform your home photos and old movies on VHS tapes to digital format. With that in mind, let’s cover how to store your photos at home.

Guidelines for Storing Your Family Photos

There are several things you need to consider when storing your family photos. The most important considerations are listed here.

Proper Ventilation

An area that is well-ventilated with air that circulates through the space can help prevent mold growth. It will also help to prevent the accumulation of other organic substances.

The Temperature

If the temperatures where you are storing the photos reach over 75 degrees Fahrenheit, it may begin to impact the chemicals that were used when the photos were processed. Over time, this can cause significant discoloration. It’s best to find a cool area to store the photos to avoid this issue.


While it is best to store photos in higher locations to protect them from the possibility of a flood, there’s something else to consider, as well. The humidity levels in the storage area. Again, if they get too high, they can cause the photos to fade or discolor, and may result in the growth of mold and mildew.


Certain light can result in fading for old photos. If you can’t enclose the prints completely, make sure you are putting them in a dark area for storage purposes.


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Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Old Photos

Storing your photos in your home offers you the benefit of being able to access them when needed. However, there are some do’s and don’ts you should follow when doing this.

DON’T: Put your photos in the attic, garage or basement where humidity levels and temperatures fluctuate.

DO: Place your photos in cabinets, closets, under the bed, or in any location where you can control the climate.

DON’T: Put the photos close to a cooling or heating vent.

DO: Try to store your photos off of the ground if possible.

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Are Your Photos Properly Stored?

As you can see from the information here, there are several issues and situations that may wind up causing harm to your photos. Be sure to take note of what these are to avoid them at all costs and have the best chance possible of preserving your photos without issue.

Remember, once damage occurs to your old photos it is virtually impossible to undo. Now is the time to consider how they are being stored and if there is anything you can do to improve your methods. Review the information here once again to figure out the best environment and location for your precious photos in your home. Taking the time to do this now will pay off and help ensure you have your family photos for many years to come.

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