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How to Create Killer Website Landing Pages



What is a landing page… this is a page on your website, focused on important information about your company, your products or services, informational and educational content related to your business, sometimes offering free materials to the visitor, such as e-books, etc.

What are landing page goals?

* Obtain a registration typically generating a contact lead.

* Explore and convey your company’s valued proposition offer that differentiates your site from all the others that the visitor may also be visiting to research their buy. Define your distinct ability to provide something more than all the other sites.

* Communicate the value of your branded product and your organization’s integrity.

* Just in case the visitor does not want to provide their information at the time of the visit, be sure to communicate predominantly other contact means, providing them with the control to contact you (e.g. your primary company phone, sales numbers, technical and basic information lines of communication). This provides contact information without forcing their hand into providing you their information.

A landing page must be keyword-rich, optimizing it for the search engines. The search engines crawl these primary landing pages. The first step is to have an attention-grabbing <H1> Header tag. Subsequently, it should be followed by content that provides a solution via your products or services that address the visitors particular issue. Landing pages are the key to a successful website. You utilize these main landing pages to capture your audience and keep them on your site, which will result in conversions and a ROI. These are the gems of your website and should be optimized as such.

The user is taken to your first landing page and immediately, literal seconds pass, before they make the decision to stay and explore your site. That is how very critical landing pages are. Literally, this means that within less time than someone can truly perceive what they are looking at, they are drawing conclusions that will impact the rest of their experience.

Make your landing pages count by using some basic optimization techniques, such as the following:

* Instantly conveying the value your site offers and creating strong incentive to contact you by providing a clear title and description and an enticing layout.

* Focus your visitors, every chance you can get, to contact you by providing links, images linking to the contact us page; you may even offer free informational materials to get them to complete the contact us form.

* Always include your social media sharing links, encouraging visitors to spread the word that your website has something valuable to offer.

* Beware of what information you request in your contact form. You cannot expect them to fill out a complete page of information and be willing to do so. Just keep it simple, but be sure to obtain the important information needed to contact them.

Not only do you need to optimize your landing pages for search engines, you should take a step-back and consider as to what key words the user is entering in the search engine. These terms and phrases speak to the search engine and provide a better opportunity to have the visitor find your landing pages. In the same thought, your meta-tags, each individualized for each landing page, must convey the common terms visitors are searching for. Marrying the landing page content with audience intelligent meta-tags is another feather in your website cap. Essentially, make a point to consider exactly what is driving visitors to your landing page.

Some thoughts on your page layout… it is a fact that the eyes are drawn to certain things and you should use this research to your advantage. Here are some factual layout points to consider:

* A studied and proven focal point on a landing page as the visitor moves left to right on your page, is grabbing their attention with faces. That’s right. Faces intrigue visitors and they will immediately be drawn to them. A poignant trick is to utilize facial images, but incorporate them into your landing page copy, tying one to the other.

* A controlled, often fixed design will be your best option for the visitor’s experience. It keeps the layout clean and delineated, without overwhelming the audience.

* Provide multiple and consistent ways for the visitor to easily communicate their needs and interests. The communication between the audience and your company is vital to your conversion rate, which means you transform a lead into an actual customer of yours.

* Your audience will tend to view your landing page from the upper left hand side first, so leverage images and content to provide the most punch in this location. Utilize their natural viewing of the page to your advantage.

* It cannot be stressed enough how very important the headline and web page title are. They are key items that have the greatest potential to provide an impact on the viewer, reflecting your conversion rate and ROI. Include keywords that leverage your websites relevance.

Landing pages can literally make or break your conversion rate and ROI. Do not venture into a website without researching what you need to present to the audience, build their trust, and obtain leads.

About the Author:
Article by Jess Holmes. I have an AS in Paralegal Studies from Edison College. I have a BA in Information Technology from Florida State University. I have a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from Capella University. I am the Owner/Vice-President of My specialty is Internet Marketing, SEO, and SEM. I also perform website design and programming for our clients. can customize an intriguing look and feel for a client’s website that will catch anyone’s eye. takes your awesome website and makes it shine on the search engines.


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