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10 Ways to Generate Leads from Facebook



Exactly what is a lead and what does it mean for your business?  A lead is a person or organization that has, in some way, expressed an interest in your product or service.  Leads, if handled properly, can be turned into customers which means more sales and success for your business.

There are many ways to find leads including social media.  Social media lead generation is cost-effective and can considerably elevate your sales success. 

Facebook has over one billion users and is the continued powerhouse of social media.  Below are ten ideas you can utilize to help increase your lead generation using Facebook. 

1. Use Calls-to-Action in Your Cover Photo – With Facebook changing their policies and allowing calls-to-action in your cover photo, all kinds of possibilities open up for lead generation.  You can link to special offers, contests, events, giveaways, etc.  By displaying a lead capturing call to action your conversion numbers could grow substantially. 

2. Use Links in Your Posts – Posting with photos will get you more than 50% more likes than text posts.  Be sure to add a link back to your website to capture that lead. 

3. Host Events and Contests – The possibilities are endless for holding all types of events to get those leads.  Some ideas are webinars, contests, competitions, giveaways, Facebook chat, etc.  You can easily create an event page.  Use Facebook’s event app to create your page and then send out your invites. 

4. Design an Effective Cover Photo – Be sure to follow Facebook’s cover photo guidelines.  Draw attention to your call-to-action buttons with some text directly above them or an arrow or other similar tactic.  Keep it fresh by changing your photo periodically.  There are many sites that offer free cover images for you to use.,, and just to name a few. 

5. Avoid Direct Selling – Avoid using obvious advertising in your posts.  If people see nothing but an ad, they will more than likely avoid it.  Provide quality, informative content to get a higher number of leads and conversions.

6. Customized Tabs – There are many apps and tools you can use to create customized tabs to generate more interest in what you have to offer.  Make a tab for sales, discounts, videos, events, etc.  Find free tools listed here.

7. Capture the Like – Getting the “Like” will more than likely help you capture a lead or sale.  If people visit your page and do not like it, chances are they will never return.  Getting the like will help establish the trust and foundation for a solid customer relationship.  Post eye-catching images, quality content and helpful information to get more likes.  Post regularly at strategic times.  Post interactive content and questions.  Add a Like box on your website.  Connect your Facebook page with other social media accounts.  There are many ways to get more likes.

8. Display an Opt-In Form – This option might require a bit more skill but if you want to take the plunge there are tutorials and videos you can use to help you get through the steps.  You can find step by step instructions at

9. Join Relevant Groups and Communities – Search Facebook for groups that are relevant to the information you provide.  If you will be offering info on beauty products, don’t be looking for groups about learning how to paint.  Many groups will have rules and guidelines you need to follow.  Participate in the group as much as possible.  Offer advice and information.  Post your offers, sales and discounts as allowed.  Post links to your appropriate blog posts.  Facebook groups can be a goldmine of leads if managed properly.    

10. Become the Notable Expert for Your Targeted Market – Build your reputation as an expert in your field.  Offer your expertise and advice as much as possible.  Let people know you are easily accessible if they have questions.  People will begin to trust you and think of you when they need the products and/or services you offer. 

Businesses are always looking for ways to generate promising leads.  Facebook, with its billion+ users, can certainly provide us with those leads if we work diligently and professionally.

About the Author:
Terri Seymour has 20 years of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own business.  Now is the time to get started with your own exciting resell ebook business.  Visit now to get three free gifts including The Big Book of Social Media Tips.



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