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Five Ways to Boost Your Marketing Power



Building an online business is certainly not easy, especially when you are on a very limited budget. It has been my experience that numerous entrepreneurs and home-based business owners overlook some very effective and free advertising opportunities.

Some examples of these result producing techniques are:

1. Welcome Letter for Subscribers – I subscribe to tons of groups and ezines and am sometimes disappointed when I get a default welcome letter. Welcoming a subscriber or group member is one of the most potentially effective tactics for your business. Personalize the welcome by introducing yourself and letting the person know about your website and what you offer and how that will benefit them. This is a crucial moment in that you can start connecting and forming that relationship with your reader before they even get your ezine or mailing.

*Inform them of any exclusive specials you have.

*Tell them your advertising rates and add a testimonial or two.

*Invite them to your site to utilize the free resources.

*Let them know your email and that they can contact you anytime with
questions, comments, etc.

*Use some of the space for add swapping with other publishers.

*Highlight any of your best products or affiliate products you may be marketing.

2. Goodbye Letter – When you lose a reader or subscriber, you have one last chance to get them to purchase a product or service from you. Utilize it to the fullest. Thank them for being a subscriber and encourage them to re-sub at any time. Be sure to ask them why they have left so you are able to make any possible improvements.

For example:

Thank you for being a subscriber to our ezine. We are sorry to see you go. If you
could take a minute to let us know why you unsubscribed, we would greatly
appreciate it. Please drop a quick note to Thank you so

By doing this, you may actually get them to come back immediately and if not, you can find ways to improve your ezine or group for the next subscriber. Remember, always send them an appreciative thank you note as well.

3. eMail Signature – This simple but powerful method of promotion is unknown to some. By using an effective email signature, every time your email goes out to someone, you get free advertising. Join several forums and groups to utilize your sigtag to its maximum.


Warm regards,
Jane Doser

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You want to keep your signature fairly short – about 6-8 lines.

4. P.S. – It has been found that a P.S. is very likely to get read. Using a P.S. can be
quite effective for your business. Make it short and to the point. A P.S. novel will
more than likely be ignored.


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You could then have a more detailed message on autoresponder. Do not just send them a sales pitch. Add some useful information and resources that are actually beneficial to them. This will give your more credibility which is extremely important if you want customers.

5. Thank you Page – An excellent way to get more subscribers is to get together with other online business owners and set up a group subscription page. Every time someone subscribes to one mailing list or ezine, the thank you page will have a message something like this:

Thank you for subscribing to our mailing list. Take this opportunity to check out
more quality ezines and groups. Please check or click the ones you wish to

You would have each joint venture group member’s ezine or group listed with a short description. This is a very effective way of gaining subscribers because the person is already in a subscribing mood and will most likely check most if not all of the other groups and ezines.

The above advertising opportunities are fairly simple but can be most successful!  Try one or all of them and see what they can do for your business.

About the Author:
Terri Seymour has over 16 years of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own home-based business and make money online. Visit her site for three free gifts including, The Big Book of Social Media Tips and How to Market Your Online Business for Free:


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