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Five Tips on Creating Unique Website Content



All online marketers know that having quality, targeted website content is of the utmost importance for getting traffic to your site. Regardless of what product or service you're selling, if your website content isn't interesting, informational and original, it will be hard for consumers to find your site – and if they do, they'll leave quickly and won't return.

It's not just enough to have relevant content; it needs to be consistently updated for search engine optimization and social media sharing. With more quality content, you will retain visitors to your site, as well as have more of your pages indexed by search engines, creating more opportunities for organic searches that lead consumers to your site. However, getting valuable content can be difficult, and simply spinning your old articles to sound new will not suffice. Here are five suggestions on how you can create excellent website content that will attract targeted visitors and keep them on your site:

How-To Guides:
Everybody needs direction at some point. If you've had a problem that you've solved on your own, turn your solution into a how-to guide for other people. Your perspective could be different and unique from the conventional methods for solving that problem, which could appeal to a variety of consumers also having a similar problem. Your insight and solution could help them out, making your site a valuable resource that they will share with their friends and come back to in the future.

Do Your Own Research:
Don't rely on capitalizing on the latest trend to provide quality content. While you may garner some temporary visitors, that traffic is unsustainable and will simply move on once they're done with your content. Do some solid research and find out what the long-term trends or solutions are to provide content, instead of just re-hashing the popular blog of the week. You may even want to research methods to DISPROVE the trend, setting your site apart as a leader in the industry.

No Click-Baiting:
While click-baiting seems to be popular with today's media sites, it is a killer for small business websites. Click-baiting is the act of providing a sensational headline that is intentionally ambiguous or untrue, simply to garner clicks to your site. This is NOT sustainable traffic, and these visitors will move on within a few seconds of being on your site. Just because someone clicks on your site doesn't mean they will read your content, view your videos, and then purchase your product or service. Be clear and honest with your blog articles, text links, AdWords campaigns, etc. You want to attract targeted consumers to your site that are already searching for your product. Don't confuse people by giving the appearance that you're the product they want, as you'll only be angering consumers and setting yourself up for negative attention.

Share Your Unique Knowledge:
This may seem obvious, but if you have some unique knowledge on a certain industry, activity, event, product, etc, then share it by writing a blog article or by shooting a video blog. Sharing how you solved a certain problem, or what you've learned through past experiences can provide for great website content. Even your personal stories can help you gain targeted traffic, as long as the knowledge and stories you're sharing is relevant to your website's niche. This can help inject personality into your content, differentiating you from your competitors.

Subscribe to Newsletters:
If you're really stuck on providing content, find some online newsletters pertaining to your industry and sign up. They are a great way to keep you informed on your niche, and could provide inspiration for you to develop your next great piece of content. Use the articles in the newsletter for ideas for your own articles, or even use that information to create your own video blog on the same topic – just make sure you're not plagiarizing the source material or idea!

Hopefully these five suggestions will help you to create new, informative content that will funnel many new visitors to your site. Just make sure you're providing content that is applicable to your niche or industry!

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