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10 Best Tips for Facebook Traffic to Your Blog



Traffic is needed in order to have a successful business. Directing traffic to your online business may be a never-ending job, but the end results are worth it if you get the desired traffic. Without it, you won’t have a business at all.

Facebook is one of the easiest ways to generate a ton of traffic, and direct it to where you want it to go. With over a billion daily customers, Facebook is now the place to be and be seen.

When people are looking for something specific online they often go to Facebook to find it. Look for Facebook groups in your target market and join these groups. People who search for something in your niche market will be more likely to see your posts on a page dedicated to that area.

Here are 10 more tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook experience:

1. Mobile Device Users

People who use mobile devices to access Facebook are very limited on the amount of characters they can use in a post. Cater to this crowd by keeping your posts short and to the point. Using a bit of humor is a great way to get your readers to respond to your posts.

2. Solicit Opinions

Facebook users love to give their opinion on just about anything. Take the time to ask what other people think about something related to your market. Asking questions is one of the best ways to get people to interact with you. Give people time to answer your questions, and always thank them for answering.

3. Make the Most of Images

Facebook lets you add small, medium, and large images to your posts. Make use of the larger images, they catch the eye much quicker than smaller ones. Always use images that are relevant to the topic at hand, and don’t forget to add links to your images.

4. Everyone Loves Quotes

Facebook users are notorious for sharing their favorite quotes. Find a few hot topics and push a few buttons. These are the quotes that will be ‘Liked’ and ‘Shared’ most often.


5. Get the Most Out of Videos

Videos get shared almost as often as quotes do. When you create videos for Facebook, think about these three things: use real people to showcase your product, make short videos, and make them so amazing that people will want to share them.

6. Find Articles to Share

If you read a blog or article that you think other people in your groups may like, share them on Facebook. A link back to the original article is a must, and lets the author – as well as those in your group – know you are honest and considerate.

7. Encourage Other People’s Tips

Do you have tips to share with other people? Simply write a brief post letting people know what to expect if they visit your blog or website. Ask them to leave their own tips on your website. People enjoy sharing tips, and you should get a good bit of traffic asking people to do so.

8. Don’t Miss the “Call to Action”

You can add a call-to-action button when you create your profile. This button can be found right next to your ‘Like’ button on your Facebook home page. This link can be used to direct traffic to whichever page you wish.

9. Share Your Links

There are many places on Facebook where you can leave links: you can embed a link in images; add them to video and image descriptions; put them on your ‘About’ tab; place them on your event pages; and on all pages where you invite people to your blog or website. These are just a few place you can add links, you’ll find more as you continue to explore Facebook.

10. People Are Crazy About Contests

Hold contests for your visitors. Set one up on your blog and invite the Facebook community to your page to enter. Or, you can hold a contest right on Facebook. Either way, make your images work for you by adding links. Contests are another often shared item on Facebook.



These are all tips designed to help you increase traffic to your personal blog or website. They are likely to generate interactive Facebook posts. Using one or more will ensure you get the desired clicks to your pages. Facebook already has the traffic; you just need to get it flowing to your pages.

My name is Juan Rademacher, and I confess, I am obsessed with traffic. That’s because after years of frustration trying to get traffic to my websites, I’ve discovered the power of some easy, time-tested methods for FREE, and low-cost traffic generation.