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A big part of your business comes from your email so it makes sense to advertise your products and/or services with every email that you send out. You can do this by having an email signature or “sigtag” in your email. Outlook and Outlook Express both allow you to set up your sigtag so it is automatically added to each and every email going out, including replies and forwards.

In Outlook, go to Tools up on top, and then Options. Then click on the Mail Format tab up on top of the box. Then click on Signatures. Outlook even allows you to have different sigtags for different email addresses.

This way, you could have a certain sigtag for your email groups and another one for your personal email and so on. For Outlook Express, go to Tools and then Options. Then you click the Signatures tab on top of the box.

A few things you want to remember when composing your sigtag:

1. Do not make it into a novel. You want to just use a few lines to get your message across.

2. Try to capture email addresses for follow-up sales and contacts. Your ezine makes for a good subject for your sigtag.

3. Offer something free that people can click and get. Make it as few clicks as possible. For example: a free download or ebook.

Here are some examples of sigtags:

Jane Doe

Free download will help increase sales

Subscribe to our free ezine to help improve your biz


Thank you,
John Doe

John Doe is a marketing specialist who has
written many successful ebooks. Check out
his latest ebook here and sign up for a free gift.


Warm regards,
John Smith

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and get a free gift with your order and discount.


Don’t pass up the chance to advertise and/or promote your products and/or services with every email you send! Change your sigtag periodically to feature your current specials or sales or holiday events. I have gotten many sales/subscribers/leads from my email sigtag over the years!

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