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How Digital Marketing Changes Internationally



As the world becomes more intertwined internationally, the way companies market their goods and services has changed dramatically.

Technology, specifically digital marketing, has revolutionized marketing campaigns across the globe, enabling companies to use new and exciting methods to reach customers. To develop the best digital marketing strategies, having the ability to stay up-to-date on the latest trends not only in hardware and software, but also user preferences and customer needs, can keep companies ahead of their competition and help them get to the next level. But to do so successfully, there are many methods that need to be used. 

How To Market Internationally 

In order to be successful at international digital marketing, a company needs to know the best methods to use on the international business scene. As online marketing has become more competitive, a variety of methods have found their way to the forefront of digital marketing. In fact, companies worldwide are expected to spend as much as $10 billion more on digital marketing in 2016 than in 2015, making it the fastest-growing segment of business marketing. One of the most popular trends in marketing to nations around the world in 2016 is the use of advertising for mobile devices, which is quickly outpacing digital advertising geared for desktop computers. According to market research data, mobile usage will eclipse desktop usage in 2016, with people in as many as 10 countries using mobile devices more than desktop computers to search for information on the web

Online Video Ads 

In nations where visual images are dominant parts of traditional advertising, such as in Mexico and other Latin nations, online video ads are expected to be a dominant part of advertising in 2016. Because these ads often use subtitles, advertisers are investing heavily in the use of subtitling companies to make sure their messages are presented in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. As online giants like Google, Facebook, and Bing have begun offering video options to various advertisers as well as video content in search engine algorithms, the case can be made that customers realize the importance of this advertising method. In addition, more and more businesses have now discovered their overall effectiveness, enabling them to invest even more of their advertising budget into this area. 

The Importance of Apps 

As advertisers continue their attempts to reach younger consumers with their messages, many are taking advantage of the seemingly unending supply of apps being developed for consumers. Proven to be very effective in many European nations, where children as well as young adults have their smartphones with them day and night, companies are focusing their advertising efforts on app development. The biggest advantage to this advertising method is not only its convenience for consumers, but also that it can be easily customized to fit virtually any type of advertising campaign. Video content can be easily incorporated into app advertising, while the content used by businesses can also be specifically tailored to a keyword that will catapult the business upward in search engine rankings. This use of Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, will lead businesses to ensure their information can be found via virtual assistants such as Siri or Cortana. By doing so, customers can not only find out information about goods or services, but also have any of their questions answered immediately, helping them make a quicker decision. 

As these and other methods, such as virtual reality and wearable technology such as the Apple Watch become more mainstream, businesses worldwide will be striving to decide how best to use them in order to reach their desired demographic. For example, since the screens on Apple Watches are so small, app content will need to be shorter in order to provide on-the-go information. With consumer use of virtual reality and wearable technology expected to grow 35 percent internationally between 2015-2019, the future looks extremely bright when it comes to digital marketing.

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