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12 Ways to Create an Obsessed Fan Base Around Your Blog



Don't focus on making money

This sounds contradictory to the purpose of running a profitable blog.  But sincerely if your motivator-in-chief is money and your target is just to chase after it and grab as much as you could lay your hands on, you are doomed to fail already. Go for value instead and when people see how good you are at offering it, they will swarm around you for more.

Love what you do.

Bloggers like Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk and Rand Fishkin are icons of passion for the work they do. That earned them popularity and a goodly dose of respect. They simply turned their passion into a work. They are enthusiastic about their work and are immersed in it for the fun of it.

It is their lives and they are willing to spend all their days doing it because it sparks a fire in them always. Readers easily find this out about them and get hooked to their vibes and enthusiasm.

Brand your audience.


Create a movement that strikes an emotional chord with your audience. This could be a media stunt or a way of rubbing their ego and increasing their enthusiasm. Identify a problem or an injustice close to their heart and rallying them round a solution you offer through your blog.

Create a branded term to refer to your esteemed readers, giving them a sense of 'VIP' status that is exclusive to them. The readers will feel special to belong to a 'tribe' or brand that links back to the core idea of the blog, and feel very excited to evangelize the 'tribe'.

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Get a niche and form a brand

The blogging industry has developed from the early generalist style of blogging to more specialized and niche-based blogging. Celebrity gossip and news are generic and common place in recent times.

Successful bloggers target their traffic. They focus on a segment of the public, efficiently and effectively meeting the unique demands of those in that segment. They understand that having 50 highly-qualified and target-specific hits in a day that turns into subscribers is better than getting 1000 hits a day and none turned into a subscriber or will ever make a return visit

You need to develop an expert knowledge about a niche and blog about that niche only.

You can't be everything to everybody. The SECRET behind standing out today is "GETTING REAL SPECIFIC" with what your blog stands for. This is about defining the focus and target audience of your blog and sticking strongly to them.

Successful bloggers are known for a brand identity which they stick to and are exceptional at. They leave unique memories and emotions on their readers both through their voices and their style of writing.

Ride on the wings of influencers in your niche.


The influencers are thought leaders with a large number of followers swarming after them. Their followers trust their judgment and highly respect their opinions and recommendations.

They hold a big influence over their followers. Like a magician wielding a magic wand, they directly or indirectly control a large number of the group of readers you are struggling to reach.

Your duty is to find these influencers and reach them first. Then they will take care of the burden of reaching your audience.

Get featured on popular and influential sites and events in your niche.

This gives you a social proof and a mark endorsement. When people see you together with the stake holders and influencers in your niche, your reputation gets a boost. They will begin to trust you more and take you more seriously. The funnel for the money in blogging is the next thing that opens up for you.

Me-too bloggers hardly get attention.

There are many me-too blogs. You cannot become what you are not simply by copying or trying to appear like another person. This is a temptation many people fall into when they see a successful blogger. Your uniqueness is a quality that should shine out through your blog. Copying rubs you of your originality and overshadows your own uniqueness with the image of those you copy. People will always go for the original and not the fake.

Promote the hell out of your content.

The more people see and hear about you is the more they will trust and take you seriously. When you start a blog and manage to get your first few readers, your appetite for more readers' increases. Your next logical step is to add more useful content with the false assumptions that 'more people will come for it'. The truth is that adding more content alone doesn't help you get more readers. Increasing the posting frequency for your high quality content won't help you either.

You have to promote what you have already, and you have to also do it right. You have to find a way to get it on the computer screens of thousands of more potential readers scattered all over your niche that will also benefit from it.

Spend more of your time as a beginner outside your blog, scouting for readers. Don't believe that they will come naturally.

Make real human connections.


Don't publish a post, disappears and ignore the importance of real relationships. Show your face and your personality; and make public appearances.

Engage them in conversations; respond to their comments and find out their own opinions and inputs. Don't make them see you like a kind of robot or humanoid hiding somewhere, and throwing write-ups at them. That is a powerful hook.

Fake it until you make it.

We tend to feel uneasy when our thoughts are inconsistent with our behavior. When you are smiling, it's much easier for your brain to convince itself that you are happy (consistent with the smiling behavior, no distress) than that you are unhappy (inconsistent with the smiling behavior, causes distress).

Emotions are contagious. People respond to social cues. When you are happy and enthusiastic, this tends to rub off on people, to an extent. It's not paranormal; people just pick up on your demeanor, and consciously or not, adjust their own to be more similar. So by appearing happy and confident in your tone and expression like an expert, you are also conditioning other people to associate those emotions and status with you.

So if you want to genuinely be happy, faking happiness gets the engine warmed up, and then your brain does the rest of the work.

Get insanely creative.


They never get tired of exploring and developing creative new ways to do what other bloggers do ordinarily. They like to be different and unique.

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