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11 Ways to Use Content Marketing for Building Links



Content marketing and link building are very different topics, however, there are ways by which you can use one for the development of the other. Practically, if seen, content marketing is the reason you are willing to adopt link building techniques.

As people nowadays have shifted their trust base from traditional marketing to rely on content rich websites, it is important to keep them entertained by seeking help from SEO Tools and suggesting those links that further quench their thirst.

Here are 11 ways by which you can build links with the help of content marketing:

1. Guest Blogging: Guest blogs attract readers. However, it is essential to reach for high quality content that are rich in information appropriate for your niche. This helps attract viewers and also build links.

2. Call for Influencers: People who have the power to influence buying decisions in the market are referred to as influencers. Bloggers, industry analysts and journalists are examples of influencers. They can help build audience and promote your brand.

3. Press Releases: Important updates and information of your company can be publicized with the help of press releases. They are useful for attracting the attention of media and bloggers and you may earn links from influential organizations and websites.

4. Interviews: One of the best ways to spread a word is by conducting interviews. Either in-person or by phone or email, an interview conducted can help you to build relationships that will eventually aid your purpose. You can expand your network and stay connected with important industry experts.

5. Building Broken Links: Using top SEO tools and checkers you can easily find out if there are any broken links in any domain relevant to your purpose. Then you can point it out to the respective webmasters and suggest them a link of your website to replace the broken links.

6. Expert Gatherings: Rounding up experts like SEOs and blogging experts you can build the fame of your brand. You can invite them over for the gatherings but be sure your website has a professional design and some quality content.

7. Focussing on Infographics: top SEO software actually stress on the use of Infographics to boost your promotion. Although they are alone not sufficient, yet content rich matters and important keywords tagged along with visual representations have the power to achieve traction.

8. Partnership: Teaming up with a blogger or someone who is in the same field as you are also helps. This way you can exchange links also go on providing value to each other.

9. Creating Guides: Content is the most important feature of a website that draws audience. Guides, which are part of content, are specialised write-ups that understand your struggles and give you a know-how or how-to for your problems.

10. Connect to Your Community: Responding to your fans in the comments and mails can make your website popular among the audience and also help gain their trust.

11. Getting Listed on Directories: Listing your company on a local directory can help obtain backlinks. However name and contact details should be consistent in all the boards.

The aforementioned ways are enough to take your company to a level where you will see many audiences entering your site. If done properly these can be boons for promotion of your brand and you shall witness steep growth and popularity.

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