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What To Do When Website Traffic Is Not Converting


Carl Christian Anton Christensen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

You love your spankin' new website. You're expecting it to get you clients and make some sales.

How To Properly Use Lead Generation That Results in More Sales



Telltale signs you're leaving money on the table and how to create more sales with your marketing.

How Your USP Can Increase Your Sales



What is a USP? Well it’s not a UFO, or anything weird or outside your experience.

10 Ways to Integrate Audio for Higher Conversions


We use the five senses that we possess to collect and process data.  Marketing is all about using these data collectors as effectively as possible.  Statistics show that people will remember 70% of what they hear as opposed to only 20% of what they read.  This is a very significant distinction.

Track Your Website in Google Analytics


Find out who's visiting your website, what they want, and how to better serve them so they come back again.

Top Tips That Help to Maximize Profit and Minimize Loss



Profit making is an essential part of business and the very reason that a proprietorship, partnership or company is formed. Irrespective of the size of the business, the ultimate goal for any business organization is to make maximum profits.

9 Sales Habits You Need to Develop


To achieve long-term success in sales means that you need develop a variety of habits. Here are nine sales habits that will help you improve your results.

10 Ways to Lose the Sale



Remember the old saying “Good Salesmen are Born”. Well, anyone can become a good salesperson if they can learn and master the basic sales skills. Sales techniques have dramatically changed over the years. Gone are the old school selling methods of talking incessantly and pushing a customer into a sale.

How to Be a Great Salesperson



When you are in sales, you have the choice to be successful or unsuccessful.  The only one to set limits on your income and success is you!  A career in sales is a challenge.  Use that challenge to motivate and excite you.   Meet and beat that challenge!

10 Ways to Use Customer Testimonials


Using customer testimonials in your marketing efforts can be very effective.  They help to build your reputation, credibility and sales.  Don’t be afraid to ask your satisfied customers to give you a testimonial.  Most will be happy to offer their opinions.  Be sure to ask their permission to use the testimonials in your marketing campaign.

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