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7 Ways to Increase Your Blog Readership




Blogging is a powerful way to develop your online business. A good blog will attract more customers and keep relationships with your current customers.

For your blog to be successful you need to continually work to increase your blog readership and keep your audience interested so they keep coming back for more. Here are 7 ways to increase your blog readership.

12 Ways to Create an Obsessed Fan Base Around Your Blog



Don't focus on making money

This sounds contradictory to the purpose of running a profitable blog.  But sincerely if your motivator-in-chief is money and your target is just to chase after it and grab as much as you could lay your hands on, you are doomed to fail already. Go for value instead and when people see how good you are at offering it, they will swarm around you for more.

10 Blogging Myths and the Truth Behind Them



What is a myth?   A myth is actually a false belief or opinion.  However, not all of the myths below are completely false.  They do hold some grain of truth to them.  But it is not always easy to sort the fact from fiction. 

How to Quickly Gain Blog Traffic in Less Than 30 Days


You created a new blog? Show it to the world in less than 30 days.


This is maybe one of the least demanding approaches to invite traffic to your website or blog. You should simply discover well-known web journals in your area of specialty and take the officially existing activity back to your site. Sounds simple right? Well in the event that you know how, it sort of is.

50 Ways to Boost Your Blog Traffic



Hello dear friends!

Today I would love to share with you my favorite tips and tricks that I use day by day to grow my blog traffic, without spending a penny.

15 Ways to Optimize Your Blog Posts for SEO and Reader Response



The basically simple act of posting on your blog or other blogs can do powerful things for your business.  But your action might not be so effective if you don’t utilize certain ideas.  There are many things to consider when writing content but the tips below will give you a good start to getting the maximum response from your post.

Top 10 Monetization Techniques for Your Blog



Developing a blog and gaining a reasonably large readership is no easy feat. For most bloggers who have achieved it, the efforts and time invested needs to be justified by a reward in the form of a stable income.

10 Strategies for More Blog Followers



As with social networking sites, blogging started out as a way to share your thoughts, opinions and feelings.  Starting in the late 1990’s blogging has now evolved into an essential part of online marketing.  If your business does not yet have a blog, it is time to get started.

Be Mindful of the Law When Blogging for Business












More and more businesses today are discovering the benefits of blogging. Blogs can help position businesses and professionals as industry leaders, build relationships with clients and customers, provide a major boost to search engine rankings and attract new, quality traffic to websites.

20 Things to Think Twice About Before Including Them on Your Blog



When it seems like everyone from your boss to your grandmother has published and is maintaining a blog, the pressure to build your own can be overwhelming. Blogs are great marketing tools for your business or professional image, can help you to keep far-flung family members updated on new developments in your family unit and are effective platforms for the sharing and discussion of political and spiritual beliefs. What they’re not, however, is completely anonymous or free of risk if you decide to include sensitive information.

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