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Make money online with your own resell Digital Products home-based business.
Do you want to work at home and actually make a good income?

Our mission is to help you make your own success!

Seymour Products believes in running a business with pride and confidence that shines through in our work. Seymour Products is a friendly, personal, yet completely professional place where you can find what you are looking for and get the service you seek.

My name is Larry Newman, I have purchased this business about 2 years ago, and just now after 2 years, I am learning to improve this business. Watch this site change slowly and let me know what you might like to see and we shall do our best to add new things that will enhance the overall website here as my blog, and also as an eBook website here at The eBook Store here.
The Former owner was a stay at home Mom with two boys and a very hard-working husband, She wanted to contribute to the family income but also wanted to be home to take care of her family. She started trying to make money online. she tried several different businesses but none of them really took off. She tried selling for other companies but she was not really working for herself and didn’t get much of the profits.

After about five tries that did not work out, she discovered eBooks. eBooks have done so well that she wanted to share this great business opportunity with you and help you become a success as well!

Seymour Products has been in the eBook business for over 13 years and has helped numerous people start their own online eBook business. We can help you too!

So, are you ready to make more money? Are you ready to be your own boss and change your life? Seymour Products is here to help you do just that!

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“Purchasing Seymour’s eBook store was an excellent choice to start my own online store. It was even installed for me. The shopping cart and PayPal links were already set, ready to receive orders. All I had to do was upload my products, give it a category, and a price tag! Without any previous experience in web merchant accounts or any hosting, I still was able to accomplish this in a very short time. Adding text and images were very simple. Seymour provides excellent customer service! They are so wonderful and patient as I had many questions before and after my purchase. Thank you so much” * Luanne

“As a serious buyer of resell rights products I have visited 100′s of sites all over the internet and I must say… Seymour Products offers the most complete database of resale rights eBooks, software, and other digital products. I found many products and resources which other websites didn’t have… I highly recommend them!” Goran of Indigital Works

You can read many more testimonials from satisfied customers here.

This is “NOT” a membership site. You do not have to pay a monthly fee to cover the cost of products you don’t want.

Browse our resell eBook store anytime and buy what you want when you want.  Most of our products are just $1.00 – And our smaller eBook kits start at just $15 – or our newest Digital Products Kits Which will be offering self-directed Digital Product Stores that will further enhance your income, or any digital Products business that might excite you.

Our products are also available for your own personal use and can be read on many of today’s popular eBook readers. Enjoy having your own resell library at your fingertips!

After purchase, your eBook download links should be delivered automatically via email. If for some reason, you do not receive your links within 30 minutes of purchase, please let us know immediately.

Thank you for visiting our store and please come again.

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments.

Success to you,
Larry Newman