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8 Reasons to Make Your Website Responsive


The era of mobile devices has already speeded up the time of desktop computers. More than a half of the Internet accesses are performed from the mobile devices. That means that users look for websites that are user-friendly and comfortable for viewing from the mobile devices. These are responsive sites, which adapt to smaller screens and do not make the experience of viewing worse. Unfortunately, not all websites have already gone responsive so here are the reasons why it is worth making it so.
1. Responsive designs adapt to multiple devices sizes
Modern mobile devices are of different sizes. These are watches with smaller screens, mobile phones, tablets and of course, computers. All of them show the same page in different ways if it is not responsive. That is quite uncomfortable as the page can be cut or show partially or have not full functionality. Responsive designs are adaptable to any size of the device and that contributes to the users’ experience and better profits.
2. Responsive sites improve SEO rankings
Not so long ago, Google began to punish websites that are not responsive. These sites are downranked by the system and it is a good encouragement for businesses to make their websites mobile-friendly. If to compare two similar websites one of which is responsive and the other is not, the first one will have higher SEO rankings than the second one.

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3. Better user experience
Mobile searches have already overtaken desktop ones in 2015. Google punishment of the non-responsive websites has been explained by worse user experience. That means that each user’s satisfaction is important for modern search engines and platforms. Users don’t have to zoom in and scroll the websites each second to be able to grasp the whole content contained there. In addition, better users’ experience is important for bouncing sites, improved sales and improvement of the brand perception.
4. Take advantage of the mobile revolution
Today, a mobile phone is not something extraordinary as it used before. Almost every person in developed countries possesses a phone, so the results of the mobile revolution are obvious – these portable devices are an indispensable part of people’s lives and making use of them is our customary habit. That is why website responsiveness is vital for the world that has gone mobile.
5. Responsive Adapts to Future Devices
Technology does not stand in one place and each week, or even each day, we face new devices. It may seem that it is very difficult to keep up with constant changes but it is enough to make the website responsive and you will not follow behind the competitors. No matter what technology will arrive on our planet tomorrow, your content will be always available and user-friendly.

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6. Easier management: one website to design, build, and update
Website administration is a painstaking task that requires time and knowledge. It is often met that companies have several websites that require regular management. Many of them have already made a tough mistake making both an ordinary and mobile website. Each of them should be managed and updated separately and it is twice more time-consuming. If you opt for responsiveness, it will be necessary to manage only one site irrespective how many users have visited your website. That is also lower expenses and better user experience too.
7. Can Increase Conversion Rates
It is important to mention that conversion rates are also improved by the responsive design. Inability to convert results in lower sales and more challenges for users. A necessity to make conversions prevents users from visiting the website and that means lower ranking and decreased income. Responsive design also helps to analyze the behavior of all users and discover more effective tactics and strategies. That is also useful for higher conversion rates.
8. Recommended By Google
Website responsiveness is Google’s recommendation for mobile web design. Modern mobile phones have a separate Google search algorithm so there is a difference of ranking websites shown on the screen of a mobile device and desktop computer. As a result, websites should consider this advice to have better Google results.
Naturally, the main task of each website is to attract more visitors. No matter if it is e-commerce or a literary blog, in any case, the number of users influence website popularity, profits, and development. Site responsiveness is a great contribution to the increase of users’ number. It makes the online experience more comfortable and productive.


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