When you own a business it is extremely important to get your name and business brand out to the public.  We, as business owners, are always looking for new and cost effective ways of doing that.  We do not want to settle into a routine because it works.  We should always be looking for fresh new ideas to spread the word about what we offer with our business.

Below are five innovative ideas that you may or may have not yet seen to help get you more traffic, more sales and more income.

1. Introductions in Blog and/or Ezine – This is an effective method of cross promoting for you and fellow online business owners.  Search for sites that compliment (not compete with) your site.  Email the owner and introduce yourself, let them know a little about you and your site and then ask them if they would be interested in a cross promotion with you.  You would introduce each other on your blogs/sites/ezines and tell a little about their business. This would be better than just an ad because it adds a personal touch which people tend to pay more attention to than just ads.

2. Swap Article Resource Boxes – if you write and submit articles, swapping resource boxes with other article marketers could be a great way to increase your traffic, sales, etc. As with the introductions, search for complimentary businesses and then contact the owner.  A good place to start would be some of the better article directories.  Find quality articles and consider contacting the authors for your proposal.

3.  Compile an Article Portfolio – Article marketing is very effective and by compiling your articles all in one convenient portfolio would be a good way to get more of them used by ezine publishers, webmasters, etc.  Group your articles together in one large word file.  Then convert it to pdf.  This is a great way for people to be able to access your articles easily as well as choosing the subject they are interested in. Provide download links to your portfolio in your email signature, on your website, in your ezine, on your blog.  Post in on forums, your Facebook page, twitter, etc.  The possibilities are endless!

4.  Ad Pool – Contact a group of fellow blog owners, ezine publishers, etc and discuss the possibility of forming an ad pool with them.  Each person puts in an ad and you all rotate the ads in your ezine, blog, etc.  Be selective in the types of ads you accept so they are taken more seriously by your readers.

5. Swap Video Ads – This would be similar to link exchanging and ad swapping but taking it a step further.  Choose complimentary businesses and you can actually help bring each other more business by swapping video ads for your site or blog.

It’s not always easy to find, new innovative ideas for your marketing campaign but by putting a new spin on some old ways, it can turn out to be very successful for your business.  Helping yourself by helping others is always a plus and the above mentioned ideas all will help you accomplish that!

About the Author:
Terri Seymour has almost 20 years of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own business.  Now is the time to get started with your own exciting resell ebook business.  Visit now to get three free gifts including The Big Book of Social Media Tips.


Written by Larry Newman