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Remembering Memorial Day in the USA

  Remembering the reason for Memorial Day Honor, reverence, and remembrance. Those are the true purposes of Memorial Day. Hard as it may be for some to grasp, those concepts are far more important than picnics or “blow out sales” on furniture, mattresses or automobiles. Memorial Day is about remembering those who died for our […]

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7 Ways to explode Marketing and Advertising

In this day and age, a great majority of people are embracing the introduction of WordPress in the world of digital signs and advertising. However, not so many of the WordPress users understand how WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) platform. Luckily, this post is meant to enlighten you about digital signage and […]

5 Reasons to Utilize an Amazon Copy Writing Expert

5 Reasons to Hire an Amazon Copywriting Service     One of the most common complaints from Amazon Sellers is that there is a lot of competition. Most people think that because they can’t lower the price anymore theirs is a lost cause. The fact is that buyers are not necessarily looking for the lowest […]

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5 Simple Ways to Achieve Happiness

Happiness Takes Work: 5 Choices to Create Happiness Happiness does not just happen – it takes work! Learn about the 5 choices that happy people consciously and consistently make in their thinking and behavior that create their happiness. All of us have met people who just seem to be happy most of the time. Perhaps […]