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How to use Tutorials to Enhance your Business

This could be a Long Story, but I will keep it Short! It all began about 2002, about 1 year after I retired from a myriad of businesses.  I found my first website for sale a classified ad site – but I knew nothing about websites or hosting or HTML or anything – so when […]

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How to Choose the Best Hosting for your Business

There are Very Many Good Hosting Companies Also there are very many that promise everything, but only deliver problems, errors, downtime, and many other problems. However, many of the problems are caused by the user, and not the hosting company.  I have been using different hosting companies for over 15  years, and have had a […]

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10 Blogging Myths and the Truth Behind Them

This is a post from about two years ago from the founder of Seymour Products – I thought it was so good and helpful, that I would re-run it for your pleasure. – Enjoy… What is a myth?   A myth is actually a false belief or opinion.  However, not all of the myths below are […]