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Five Ways to Increase Your Visibility on Google+

  Why did you join Google+? Was it because it was a new social media platform to add to your marketing plan, or just because everyone else was encouraging businesses to join? After all, it’s a social network with the “Google” name on it. That has to carry some weight, right?

10 Ways to Integrate Audio for Higher Conversions

We use the five senses that we possess to collect and process data.  Marketing is all about using these data collectors as effectively as possible.  Statistics show that people will remember 70% of what they hear as opposed to only 20% of what they read.  This is a very significant distinction.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Website Copy

Throughout my research, I’m always surprised when I stumble onto websites that are professionally designed and seem to offer great products and services, but lack or fail in certain important elements.

18 Proven Ways to Get More Backlinks

  A backlink, also known as an inbound link, is simply a link to your website.  The more quality backlinks you can acquire, the more importance or popularity is given to your site by the search engines.  I do say quality backlinks because you want to be careful and not amass your link all over […]