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Mobile Marketing Techniques and Strategies for Business

  Mobile advertisements are proven to be very successful in marketing. If you engage an action on the part of the user, like sharing or liking, then the campaign will become more successful.  People use social media more times every day, than any other form of media, and these sites are often accessed from mobile devices […]

10 Ideas for Promoting Your Online Events

              hhhhhhhh   In my last article, I listed ten ideas for business events on your blog or website and in this article I would like to offer ideas for promoting those events. By holding various events on your blog or website you are giving people an incentive for […]

Using Social Media to Boost Search Engine Results

  Most of us are well aware that the search engines frequently change their algorithms to improve search results for users (and foil spammers), which can make it challenging for small businesses just to keep up.

10 Event Ideas to Boost Your Blog Traffic

  In the business world, an event is a public gathering for the purpose of networking and/or marketing. Holding events on your blog or website can help give your traffic a substantial boost. By holding different events, you bring more life and interaction to your blog which in turn will bring more traffic.

The Five Worst Copywriting Mistakes on the Web

  Turn on the TV around 3 a.m., and you’re sure to see some cheesy infomercial with a sales pitch that makes you cringe. The cheese-factor isn’t limited to late-night TV, though. Thanks to a variety of copywriting mistakes, the World Wide Web has turned into a 24/7 cheese-fest.