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15 Ways to Bring the Feeling of Spring to Your Website



Spring is in the air!  With it comes a feeling of revival and revitalization.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could breathe new life into our websites so people could get that same sense of renewal when they visit?  Spring is a time of high emotion and high energy.  Bringing some of that feeling of rediscovery to your website could pump up your conversion rate.  

Below are some ideas you can utilize to help your site come alive and give people a sense of rejuvenation and vitality.

1. Remove Dead Links – Go through your website and be sure you do not have broken or dead links.  Not only does this deter your visitors but the search engines as well.   You can find a quick and easy free service at brokenlinkcheck.

2.  Resuscitate Old Content – Look over your older posts and content and see how you can add new info, images or resources to it to bring it back to life.   Things are always changing so change with them and revitalize your content.

3.  Add Visuals – One of the best ways to bring a website alive is by adding videos, striking images, memes and other visual concepts. Post a new video each week telling about your products, services or specials.  Provide helpful tips and ideas that people can utilize.  Make people want to come back each week to rediscover your website.

4. Top Ten Lists – People love reading lists such as top ten or ten worst lists.  Compile some interesting lists and post them to your site.  Keep track of how many people visit your list pages and see how much new life it brings to your site.

5. Predictions – Research information about your industry and post predictions on what will happen in that field.  Take note of trends and innovations and predict what will happen with them.  Make the predictions wild and entertaining or be more serious and informative. 

6. Become a Community – Turn your site into an active community.  Get your visitors involved and ask for their opinions, views and beliefs on various subjects.  Invite other people to comment on or contradict those views.  Ask other people for their ideas, tips and other resources.  People like getting involved and offering what they know.

7. Add Inspiration to Your Site – Renew your website with inspiring stories, music, movies, etc. to give people an uplifting feeling.  People will come back regularly to find more inspiration and motivating stories.  We love to read how people overcome the obstacles they face.  It gives us hope and inspires us to attain our goals as well.

8. 10 Years Ago Today – Have a section on your website that lets people know what happened 10 years ago today – or one year, or whatever length of time you choose.   These tidbits of information can be very interesting and keep people coming back for more.

9. Start a Lively Discussion – Read up on current events and choose a topic that is controversial and start up a lively debate on the subject.  Let people air their views, whether good or bad.  People sometimes just want to be heard on particular subjects and this can be a good way to encourage engagement. Be sure to watch for offensive language or flaming.  Do not allow people to lose control. 

10. Start an Audio Series – Interview successful people in your field of business and make an audio series of posts.  Post audio stories, tips, ideas, current events, etc.  Have a different subject for each day of the week.  Monday is interview day, Tuesday tutorial day, etc.  You could even post a survey on your site asking your visitors in what they would be most interested.

11. Quote of the Day – Post a fresh quote on your site every day or several times a week.    Inspirational, funny, romantic, motivational – there are so many different types of quotes, you would never run out of interesting subject matter.

12. Update and Refresh Your Story – Take a look at your About Us page.  How long has that same story been there?  Revitalize it by updating the information and adding some new information.  Post a new photo or photos.  Instead of your story being in text, make a video of you and how you see your business and what the purpose is of your business.  Add a little humor and fun to the video but keep it professional. 

13. Add New Features – With all the great website platforms these days, you can easily add new features to your site in the form of widgets, plugins, etc.   Do some research and see what the best tools and features are and add some of them to your site.  Visit some other sites and see what they entail.  And again, you could do a survey asking your visitors what features they would like to see on your site.

14. Customer of the Month – Have a customer of the month appreciation page.  Offer a small prize or token of thanks to that customer.  Let him/her know why they are so appreciated.  Publicly showing individual customers how much you are grateful to them could boost up your website interest and success.  Be sure not to post the customer’s personal information or anything they would not want made public.

15. Refresh Your Design – Go over your site as a whole.  Does it need revamping?  Maybe the color needs to be changed.  The color of a website has a big impact on its success.  Maybe you need to clean it up a little – take out unnecessary ads and flash.  Make it more streamlined and more efficient.  Do not overload with clutter.  You want your website to be clean, simple and have a definite purpose which your visitors can see immediately. 

The above ideas are some ways you can update your website or blog to attract new attention and bring more life to your business.  The internet and the online marketing world are forever changing and evolving so we must evolve along with it.  Never let your site get too outdated or stale.  Like spring, you want your site to make people feel alive and energized!

About the Author:
Terri Seymour has almost 20 years of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own business.  Now is the time to get started with your own exciting resell ebook business.  Visit now to get three free gifts including The Big Book of Social Media Tips.


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