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12 Types of Blog Post Formats



To add variety to your blog and to change the pace, there are twelve types of blog post formats you can use. Depending on what kind of blog you have and who your target audience is try these suggestions or tweak them to suit your blog and reader's needs and see what kind of traffic you'll get.

1. Instructional
These are "How-To" posts, step-by-step instructions on how to do something. You can use video, screen shots, diagrams or illustrations to get your point across. These types of blog posts are very common.

2. Reviews
These posts are reviews on virtually anything you can think of. You are providing your honest opinion whether it's positive or negative. Reviews are highly searched for on search engines.

3. Informational
Informational blog post formats are the most common. You're blogging to provide information in your niche.

4. Lists
This is a common way to blog as well. These are easily identifiable with titles such as "7 Ways To…" or "Top 10 Worst…" Use sub-titles to make it easy to read.

5. Questions and Answers
This is a great way to write an informational type post. Compile questions you think your audience is wondering about or use questions that have been emailed to you.

6. Rants
Depending on your blog, this could be a rare occasion. If it's a business blog, keep it clean and honest. There's nothing wrong with venting and telling it like it is, but be aware you still have your reputation to keep. Being a little controversial is not a bad thing, but it can get out of control quickly so make sure you can keep the flames contained.

7. Comparison
Comparison posts are when you compare two different things. These could be very different things or something that is similar with different features. You can show side by side features or use graphs to illustrate your points.

8. Tips Tips 
A combination of lists, instructional and informational type posts. The tips are often short and to the point where the reader can quickly absorb the information.

9. Inspirational
Inspirational posts can be a personal experience about overcoming adversity or a story about someone else. It can also be a success story. It's a good way to be relatable and human to your readers. It should be motivational and uplifting.

10. Recommendations
This is similar to a review. You've tried it or read it, you like it and you're recommending it.

11. Video
Sometimes saying it is a lot easier than writing it and if you're not shy in front of a camera this is a good alternative to take.

12. Interviews
This is a good way to learn more about a topic in your niche that you're not very familiar with.

With these twelve ways to blog, you can be sure you'll have plenty of quality content to share with your target market. To know what your readers want set up a poll and ask your readers for their input regarding types of blog posts they like to see and read.

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