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10 Tips for Managing Your Own Facebook Group


As many of us have probably experienced, social media marketing can be a very powerful tool in building our business. Although some say the popularity of Facebook is declining, it is still one of the most popular social media sites and, if used effectively, can do a lot for your business.

One beneficial feature of Facebook you can utilize to build your business is the ability to create your own Facebook networking group.  To create your own group simply go to your homepage and look to the left for the Groups section. Then click the Create Group button and a window will appear for you to name your group, add members and choose your privacy settings. Once you have done that, click Create.

Once your group is created, you will be taken to your group. To set everything up, click the little flower icon at the top right and then Edit Group Settings. There you will put in your group description, tags, group email, images, etc. And you’re done!

So now what?

What do you do once you have your group?

Below are some tips to help you manage your group effectively.

1. Naming Your Group – The name of your group is very important so be sure to spend some time on this decision. Use relevant keywords and be sure to make it clear what the group is about.

For example: if you are starting a group for home business owners to learn how to build their business do not call the group something like Kathy’s Home Group or Networking with Kathy. Give it a targeted name with power such as Home Business Success Group or Network of Home Business Owners.

2. Fill All Fields Correctly – You do not want your group to appear as if you just threw it together in a few minutes. Be sure to fill out everything in the group’s profile and be sure not to have any grammatical or spelling errors.

3. Relevant Keywords – Be sure to use relevant keywords in your group description. What words would people use to search for your group or for information pertaining to your group?

4. Daily Interaction – Be sure to interact with your members every day. Do not be an absentee leader. I have been in groups where the leader was nowhere to be found and there was no participation at all from any of the members.  Provide the opportunity for your members to interact with different ways for each day.

For example:
Monday – Share your business info day.
Tuesday – Post a tip day.
Wednesday – Like a page day.
Thursday – Your favorite quote day.
Friday – Social networking day.

These are just basic ideas which can be expanded on but show you how many different ways a group can interact and network.

5. Enforce the Rules – If you have specific rules about posting, spamming and advertising, be sure to enforce these rules. These rules could be the reason many people have joined. If people break the rules, be sure to do something about it.

6. Ask Member Advice – Let your members participate in the structure of the group. Let them know you would be interested in their ideas and what they have to offer to the group.

7. Hold Events – Encourage participation in the group by holding contests, games or other similar events which would arouse interest in your members.  Offer prizes and free gifts for these events.   Just because your group may be business oriented doesn’t mean you cannot add some fun.

8. Maintain Professionalism – Even though you have fun in your group and encourage interaction, you must maintain a level of professionalism at all times.  This does not mean being overly formal or a “stuffed shirt”, it means to be in control of your personal feelings, emotions and beliefs. Do not allow insults, fighting, or other unprofessional activities.

9. Fresh Content – Be sure to post fresh content regularly, every day if possible. This will keep your group fresh in your members minds at all times and help encourage them to post and participate as well.

10. Just Be There – Do not neglect your group. Make sure you can put in the time and effort your group and members will need before creating the group. A group will need constant attention, nurturing and encouragement if it is going to grow into a powerful marketing tool for your business!

I am a member of a great Facebook group called “Women’s Success Network”.  This group is active and helpful with a friendly relaxed feel to it. It seems to have every ingredient for success.

The leader of this group, Denice Duszynski offers some advice for success. “The one piece of advice for managing a group would be to connect with each one as you add them in and get to know them on a personal level.”

So get going and start that Facebook group to help you make your business a success while helping others become successful!

About the Author:
Terri Seymour has over 16 years of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own home-based business and make money online. Visit her site for three free gifts including, The Big Book of Social Media Tips and How to Market Your Online Business for Free:


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