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10 Tips for Discovering New Article Ideas



Executing a consistent marketing strategy of writing and submitting articles can result in a boost for your reputation and online business. But coming up with fresh, relevant subject matter is not always easy. Fortunately there are many easy ways for you to discover new ideas for your content marketing campaign.

1. Blogs – Visit popular blogs that touch on your niche. Read the content and comments and see what people are saying. What questions are people asking about the content already supplied? Can you expand on what is there or write more in-depth articles on the subject? Is anyone asking for information on a certain subject that is not available? These are all things to look for when contemplating your next article idea.

2. Message Boards – With the social site explosion, message boards may not be as popular as they once were but they can still be a good place to find content ideas. Visit each category and see what people are talking about. Ask questions yourself to get more of an idea of what people are looking for. For example: If your niche is gardening, you could ask the board members what type of information is hardest to find on gardening. Get an idea of what people need and have a hard time finding.

3. Social Sites – These days social sites are where most of the action is so follow the trends. Look for voids that a good article could fill. Become involved with social groups and discussions. This will not only help you with your content marketing but with your business as well.

4. Internet News Sites – Keeping up with internet news sites is important for your business, not only for writing articles but for keeping abreast of new developments, ideas, and technology in your field. Research and write your articles to keep your readers and visitors informed as well.

5. Focus on Your Email – Carefully read all email inquiries you get. What are people asking you about your business? Keep records of all the questions asked and use them for your content marketing.

6. Article Directories – By reading other articles, maybe you can come up with an unusual twist or angle for an overused idea. It sometimes helps to get different views and insights on the same old subject. NOTE: Never copy information or content from other sites, blogs or articles.

7. Subscribe to Ezines – Ezines can be a goldmine of information, ideas and more. You can keep up to date on the latest products, programs, biz opps, etc. Some of this information can be used to create an informative article.

8. Do a Survey – Ask your visitors, readers, and customers to answer a couple of questions. Offer them a free gift in return.

For example: What questions do you have about…? What resources do you need and cannot find? What is your number one concern about….? Of course, these questions would target your specific niche so you can zero in on what people are looking for.

9. Ask Yourself – Ask yourself what information you would be looking for. When you look for articles to read, what subjects do you search for? As a reader yourself, you can answer your own questions.

10. Open Mind – Always keep an open mind when it comes to subject matter for your content. I always used to tell myself, people won’t want to know about that or how to do this. Don’t fall into that trap! People want to learn about everything. We are always looking for new information, tips, ideas and resources.

Always carry a small notepad so anytime anything inspires an idea within you, you can write it down and use it when the time comes. Many people get ideas in the shower or lying in bed at night. These are not the best times so have a pad and pen handy!

And remember, people want basic, straight forward helpful information. You don’t need to use big words, fancy storylines or over dramatization. Just be honest and helpful.

Also, be sure to give your articles a little of your personality, humor (if appropriate) and heart. Write as if you were just chatting with an old friend.

Articles can be one of the most powerful online marketing methods so don’t let a little doubt stop you from making this big step towards success!

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