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10 Reasons for Utilizing a WordPress Business Website



Developing a well-designed professional website for your business is critical these days and WordPress is an excellent way to achieve this goal. The internet is more competitive than it ever has been and you will need an up to date, user-friendly, proficient website.

I used to have a site that was built manually and all changes had to be done manually as well. I really loved the site and it did well but it finally came time to admit that I needed to modernize and update our site. My online business is a big part of me and letting go of my hard work was difficult but I knew it had to be done. My web consultant recommended WordPress and after looking it over, I agreed.

The differences with WordPress are amazing! My site is much more efficient, easy to use and I can do much more with it. There are more options for this type of site but WordPress is the one I use and can personally recommend. Below are some of the more important reasons why you should be using WordPress for your business website.

1. Free – Building a business is tough enough so when you can get something of quality for free that will help your business it is definitely worth looking into. WordPress does not charge for the use of their themes, plugins, widgets, etc.

2. SEO Friendly – SEO (search engine optimization) is an important part of your online success. Much of your site’s traffic will come from the major search engines. Getting listed towards the top of these search engines is not always easy so having a search engine friendly site can help immensely. There are many WordPress plugins to help specifically with SEO. WordPress also provides spam protection to keep your site from getting penalized by the search engines.

3. Social Media Efficiency – WordPress sites have excellent social media capabilities to help build your business. There are plugins that will connect all your social site pages to your main site and automatically post to them when you post on your site. This enables you to share more of your content and get more people to see what your site has to offer.

4. Easy to Use – You do not need to know HTML or PHP coding to create your own WordPress site. Everything is coded for you and it is basically a matter of putting everything into place. Instead of having to build your house, all you have to do is arrange the furniture.

5. Content Updates – Updating your site with new content regularly is very important and using WordPress makes it very easy to manage your content. It takes just minutes to create new pages or posts with a simple text editor in your site Admin.

6. Support – Anytime you have problems with your site there is an extensive support system available. Also, WordPress is so widely used that you can do a search and easily find answers to your website questions.

7. Professional Themes – WordPress provides hundreds of professionally designed website themes for you to use. These themes come in a variety of designs, layouts and color. This does not mean that you will have a cookie cutter website. You can easily customize the look of your site so it has its own unique appeal.

8. Plugins – Plugins are little add-ons that provide different features for your site. There are tons of plugins from which you can choose. For example: there is a plugin that schedules and displays events on your site. This is great if you have special offer sales, do webinars, classes or online parties. There is another plugin that will make your site mobile ready. The possibilities are limitless!

9. Easy to Change – Many people periodically freshen up their site with a new layout or design. Also, your business might become such a huge success it outgrows your original site and requires more features, etc. Changing and adding to your site is extremely easy with WordPress. You can choose a new theme and it will override the old one without disturbing your content. You can add on more extensive plugins and widgets to accommodate your business’s growing needs in minutes.

10. Blogging Ability – WordPress sites originally were developed for blogging so not only can you successfully manage your whole business site, you have blogging capabilities as well. Although blogging started out more like writing a daily journal it is invaluable for most businesses. These sites are blog ready.

So if you have or are thinking about a business website, be sure to look into WordPress and other similar sites. The ease, efficiency and capabilities of these sites can help you and your business grow and progress for great success!

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