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10 Powerful Reasons Your Business Needs Google+



Although Google+ is not the most popular social media site, it is a powerful tool for your business and should not be ignored.  With over 300 million active monthly users, Google+ is continually ranked in the top five social media sites worldwide.

There are misconceptions about Google+ such as it being too difficult to use and it is only advantageous to techies.  Because Google+ has so many features, it may seem difficult but there are videos and tutorials you can utilize to learn how to use Google+ for maximum results.  Another misconception about Google+ is that is just doesn’t carry enough weight to be important.  This is certainly not the case as the following will testify. 

1.  Google Search – Google+ is directly linked to Google Search.  This alone will help you get more status in the rankings.  When people search for a business, your Google+ account will provide more information to help draw in those customers. 

2. Google+ Profile – Your profile within your Google+ account affords you an opportunity to offer your business information.  Write about your products, services, mission statement, etc.  What you write here will also be used by Google as your meta description to show up in searches.  Add links back to your website with cleverly placed anchor text. 

3. Google+ Content – When you post content on your Google+ page, it has a much higher chance of getting ranked and found by searchers than the content on your website.  Your content will get indexed almost immediately.  And with each post, a link will take you back to your website. 

4. Google+ Communities – Start a Google+ community and get your customers and potential customers together to share, review and inform each other about your products, services, etc.  This is an incredible opportunity to connect with and engage with your past, present and future customers.  Get feedback, positive and negative, to help you improve your business management. 

5. Google+ Local Pages – Creating a strong local page with all your important and appropriate business information can increase your engagement opportunities.  And again, these pages are quickly indexed into Google search results.

6. Google+ Circles – Networking and getting added to Google+ circles can get you more traffic.  When people who have added you to their circles do a search on Google, they are more likely to find your information.

7. Google+ Business Page – A Google+ business page will allow people to take a virtual tour of your business and what you have to offer.  You can also display your Google reviews which are very important for your business.  You can also connect your website to your Google+ business page which will help your website rankings.  A well-structured business page will show up in searches and draw much attention to your business. 

8. Google+ Images – Images look amazing on Google+ so use them but use them wisely.  Well-placed images can increase your results substantially.  Use them on your business page and in your posts.  People respond much more to images than just text. 

9. Google+1 Button – Add a Google+1 button to all the content on your website.  People can click this button to share your content to their circles.  The Google+1 button has much more impact on your rankings than sharing and liking on the other major social media sites.

10. Google+ SEO – As a whole, Google+ will do wonderful things for your SEO and Google rankings.  We all know how important that is for our business to survive.

Google+ appears to lie quietly in the background but be advised, it can make a lot of noise for your business.  It is not too difficult for the average person and it is not going to quietly slip away.  Go there now and get started with your account to increase your business presence.

About the Author:
Terri Seymour has almost two decades of internet marketing experience and has helped many people start their own business.  Now is the time to get started with your own exciting resell ebook business.  Visit now to get three free gifts including The Big Book of Social Media Tips.


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